Long been known for the ability to provide an escape from the reality of everyday, watching movies can be just what is needed to recharge the soul. Movies have an outstanding ability to provide entertainment and enable us to understand what goes on within the human psyche and how they reflect upon human life.

Part 1: Good Comedy Movies to Watch When Bored

Laughter has always been considered the best medicine. With our busy lifestyles in today's world, we all need to make more time to just sit back, relax and smile or even laugh out loud. Comedy movies help us do that by bringing out the hidden inner child that still resides in all of us. Perhaps this is why comedies are always the first choice when we are looking for good movies.

Highly Recommended Movie

500 Days of Summer (2009)

500 Days of Summer stars Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gorden-Levitt. It is the story of Tom Hansen, an architect/greeting card writer, who meets his boss's assistant, Summer Finn. Tom is attracted to Summer who doesn't believe in true love. Tom is broken-hearted when Summer eventually finds someone else until he meets Autumn when waiting outside an office for an interview.

Part 2: Good Action Movies to Watch When Bored

Amazing special effects, adrenaline rushes and heart-pumping action are what the best action movies are made of. The heroes race to save the day in a plot fraught with danger and excitement all combined to keep you on the edge of your seat. And time passes in the blink of an eye as you become part of the action. .. All these make action movie my personal favourite genre.

Highly Recommended Movie

The Dark Knight (2008)

Batman and his select group aim to rid Gotham City of the evil Joker once and for all. The Joker threatens to kill unsuspecting citizens every day until Batman reveals his identity. After the death of Rachel, district attorney Harvey Dent hunts down those responsible. Batman frames himself for Dent's rampage and the Bat Signal is destroyed.

Part 3: Good Animated Movies to Watch When Bored

An animated movie is no longer for little kids. Adorable and loveable characters are mixed with a gentle humor which makes it a popular choice for adults as well. Whimsical fantasy touches your heart with simplicity and makes you wish for childhood again. Therefore, animations can be a perfect pick for both adults and children.

Highly Recommended Movie

Despicable Me (2010)

Super-villain Gru, in competition with Vector, comes up with a plan to steal the moon. Financing Gru's plan is the Bank of Evil. Gru adopts 3 young girls, and later he must rescue both the girls and the moon that Vector has stolen back.

Part 4: Good Suspense/Thriller Movies to Watch When Bored

A great thriller will make you feel as if you are on a roller-coaster. Tension, anxiety, fear, excitement and surprise keep you on the edge and constantly guessing. Fast-paced and suspenseful, the inevitable cliffhanger has you stumped right up until the end. Often, you are left thinking that you should have guessed it! If you are into getting some thrills and excitement kill your boredom, the list is for you.

Highly Recommended Movie

Shutter Island (2006)

2 U.S. Marshals travel to a hospital for the criminally insane located on Shutter Island as part of an investigation. Stuck on the island due to a storm, the Marshals discover mind control experiments while investigating their only clue—a note which cryptically reads simply, "The law of 4; who is 67?"

Part 5: Good Horror Movies to Watch When Bored

Gore and heart-pounding terror are not for the faint of heart. Be prepared for heart-stopping scares and a new fear of the dark.

Highly Recommended Movie

Silent Hill (2010)

An eerie and deserted town brings Rose who is desperate to find answers and cure her child's illness.


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