Relocation cover letters have to be composed according to your particular situation. It does not matter whether moving to another city is on your mind or you are contemplating the idea of relocation just for getting a new job, this relocation cover letter guide is going to help you in getting your resume the it needs and get you an interview call-up.

How to Write a Relocation Cover Letter


Never Leave Out Any Location

When looking to find a job after relocation, you must always list all of the possible locations in your cover letter where you would be willing to work. Moreover, also mention about your willingness for relocation in the cover letter. This is important because employers do look at the resume of those job seekers who are not but are willing to relocate there for the job.


Highlight the Relocation News

Make sure that the resume highlights your relocation. You can do this by mentioning this news in your cover or the summary section of the resume. For instance, you can write that you are looking for a position in a specific city or you are willing to relocate anywhere as per the demands of the job.


Explain the Reason for Relocation

Explaining your relocating reasons in the relocation cover letter can be the ideal choice. If your relocated city is available for a job opening, you must mention it to let the employer get your intent and knows that you would soon be there in person. You can communicate that at present you are looking for the suitable job and thus are willing to go anywhere to find it. If the job you are applying for can be offered in your hometown, your relocation destination, express the message that you are looking to make a permanent move back to your hometown.


Stick to Your Present Contact Address

It is not a good idea to mention the contact address of the place you are relocating to in your cover letter. The employer would want to contact you through your present contact address so it is best that you stick to it.


Mention that You Are Available for Interviews

Be sure to mention in your cover letter for relocation that you are ready to come for an interview. Plan your relocation in such a way that you get there before the interview date or give the company a choice of dates when you will be available for the interview. You can also ask them to have a phone interview first and then a face-to-face interview after you have completed your relocation.


Cover Your Relocation Expenses

If you are a candidate that is high on the list of the company, you might be offered a relocation package by them. For those candidates whose chances of landing the job are similar to that of the local candidates, then the best way of persuading the employer to hire you would be to mention that you will manage your relocation yourself. Including sentences like “I am willing to cover all of my relocation expenses” or “I will be relocating at my own expense” in your cover letter and resume.

Relocation Cover Letter Sample




Contact details


Mr. Steve Brown

Human Resources Manager

Nobel, Brown and Associates

Chicago, IL 60290

Dear Mr. Brown:

I am thinking about relocating to Chicago on a permanent basis in the month of October because my husband has got a job that was offered in that area. I came across your online job posting for a legal assistant on the internet and was greatly intrigued by it because I consider myself to be the perfect fit for this job.

  • A few of the attributes I possess which match the job requirements include:

  • Paralegal certification

  • Experience of working in a law firm as a legal assistant for 7 years

  • Capability to perform tasks like preparation of legal documents and conducting legal research proficiently

  • Exceptional data management and computer skills

  • A reputation to meet deadlines and work independently

I enclose my resume for your consideration and I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss your needs and my abilities. I will be in Tampa next week or we can speak over the phone. Thank you for your time and interest.

I am enclosing my resume along with this letter so that you can consider my candidature for this job. I would love to discuss the prospects of this job further with you. Since I won’t be in Chicago till next week, we can converse on the phone until then. Thank you for your time.


Meredith J. Clearwater

  • Research information about the job’s demands and the company’s operations, and mention in your relocation cover letter to show that you would have no trouble in adjusting at your new workplace.
  • Cite career advancement as an incentive. Letting prospective employers know that you want to be successful in their organization is surely going to spark their interest in you.
  • Professionalism. Write your relocation cover letter professionally; briefly writing your relocation reason and clearly stating your relocating date.
  • Show your willingness to bear the travel expenses for the interview. State in the cover letter that you are willing to travel and have a talk with your prospective employer. Or at least you can ask them to have a phone interview with you.
  • Mention relocation upfront. It is extremely important that you focus on your achievements and mention the news of your relocation at the top of your resume and cover letter.

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