For anyone interested in becoming a teacher, it is important for them to enquire what qualities make a good teacher. A good teacher is characterized by numerous qualities which make it possible for them to do their job well. Without a doubt, every teacher comes with his/her own unique blend of such qualities. Every teacher is different, but every good teacher must possess the following qualities.

Part 1: Top 10 Qualities of a Good Teacher


Passion for teaching

There are numerous ways through which this quality can manifest itself. It is easy to know when a teacher is passionate about teaching. While some teachers may portray it in the way they teach in class, some teachers manifest this quality in not so clear ways - students have to be observant and quiet to be able to notice it.


Love for children

For most people, this is a quality that is very much overlooked yet it is an equally important one of qualities of a good teacher. Most teachers love teaching and even love the subjects they teach, but very few remember to even mention how much they love their students. Most teachers use fear and intimidation to manage their classes, which is the complete opposite of motivating the students. It is important to care about the students to bring out the best in them.


Love their subjects

This is equally important. It is important for teachers to love the subjects they teach. It can be amazing to sit and watch a physics or math teacher teaching the subject with so much passion, especially if you do not get the concept. By loving the subject, they will take the time to come up with the best ways to make the students understand and pass their exams.


Understand the meaning of school

School is much more than simply the number of classes and subjects a student takes. This is also the place they spend the better part of their life. It is a place for growth, finding their identity, exploration and where they can find their joy. Teaching and learning takes place beyond the four walls of a classroom. It can happen in the playing field, coffee shop and even dining area. The best teachers will equip their students with skills not only to pass their exams, but also to make it easy for them when interacting with other students.


Willingness to change

This is one of qualities of a good teacher that can be overlooked. Teachers should not always be looking to change students through teaching. They should also be open to change when interacting with students. It is possible for a teacher to change from interactions with the students.


Organization skills

This is a quality most teachers struggle with. It entails proper time and work planning. Organized teachers will have an organized way of teaching and this rubs off on the students. It is, therefore, important for teachers to have a structure for organization. This makes their work and that of the students much easier.


Willingness to always improve

Even with many years of teaching, teachers should always remember that there is room for improvement. Some teachers have confessed that all their teaching career life has been a constant lesson for them as they learn of better ways to serve their students each day and better ways of teaching and interacting. A good teacher is open to challenges and finds amicable ways of overcoming them.


Enough courage to face hard days

There are times when a teacher can go through a tough season, enough to make the faint hearted want to quit. These days can leave a teacher’s ego bruised and disappointed. The best teachers remember that these tough times do not last and that there are better days ahead. A good teacher will get up and live to teach another day, even after a rough patch.


A lot of humility

There are times when the teacher can forget that what they do is not about them but about their students. Ego can make teaching the worst career since the teacher is likely to turn teaching into a competition between the teacher and students. It is important to remember that teaching is more of a group activity and it is possible to learn something new from your students. A teacher does not always have to have the final say or all the answers.


Ability to collaborate with students

This ability is also included in good qualities of a good teacher. It is important for any teacher to understand that they are part of a larger school community which goes beyond their classrooms. For this reason, a good teacher works towards making the school a better place for everyone. As the teacher perfects in class, they should also have positive impact in the school.

Part 2: Common Mistakes Made by Teachers

Lack of clear learning objectives

The key to making fair tests and coherent courses is for a teacher to write down learning statements that are objective-explicit about what students should have the ability to do after they have learned what their course outlines dictate. The teacher should also be able to make use of the objectives as the core for designing assignments, lessons as well as exams.

Getting stuck in a rut

There are always new happenings in the teaching industry which provide opportunities and incentives to be used to improve courses. While it is not smart to always revise courses whenever new incentives are introduced, it is always a good idea to always look for good improvement opportunities which can be utilized within the time available.

Failure in providing variety in instruction

The use of effective instructions can be a good way to mix things up in class. Instructions can include the use of multimedia, board work, discussion, storytelling, individual assignments, activities as well as group work. The more the variety used in class, the more effective the classes will be.

Using PowerPoint shows

Sitting through lectures is already too much for students. There is no point in training them even more by using PowerPoint slides to take them through lectures. These slides are a waste of time and resources.


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