2013 brought with it some really great movies. It however also had its fair share of movies best described as bad. They include comedies, action, drama, and even one really bring kids’ movie. Here is a compilation of the 10 worst movies of 2013.

Worst Movies of 2013


Broken City

Director: Allen Hughes

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Jeffrey Wright Hopes, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-jones

This was among the most anticipated movies for crime thriller lovers, but also turned out to be one of the worst films of the year. One would certainly expect much more from such an accomplished director as Allen Hughes, but it fell terribly in terms of directing.

Viewers were also expectant of a touch of intellectual approach to the whole matter in the film, but this too failed to happen. This was generally because of the fact that it failed terribly when it came to translation, partly because of the poor directing and partly because of poor acting too.


Movie 43

Directors: James Gunn, Brett Ratner, Bob Odenkirk, James Duffy, Peter Farelly

Cast: Stephen Merchant, Emma Stone, Liev Schreiber, Richard Gere

This movie saw the coming together of many great and accomplished actors and directors as well, but still failed to deliver as expected. It achieved some of its objectives as a comedy as some lines will have you laughing, but the rest, the majority, are plain bad.

Part of the failure may be as a result of too many cooks perhaps. It could also be due to the fact that the actors didn’t have much to go with, trying to make the same scenario look funny, but ending up making it look bad.


Escape from Planet Earth

Director: Callan Brunker

Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Rob Corddry, Brendan Fraser, Jessica Alber

Escape from planet earth may very well be a kids’ movie, but it nonetheless found its way to the ten worst movies of 2013 for failing to meet the expectations of its very audience. Although the animation is really great and diverse, it fails to live up to the expectations in most other areas.

The story line for instance is scattered, making the viewer’s interest glow out as the events unfold. The voicing too isn’t done with the emotion the events demands, making it seem out of touch with it-self.


The Last Exorcism Part II

Director: Ed Gass-Donelly

Cast: Ashley Bell, Spencer Treat Clark, Julia Garner

The last exorcism part II failed terribly both as a movie and also as an extension of the first part. For starters, the sequel came out as ridiculous to say the least, and the plot was generally out of line with the former.

The scenes also didn’t have the creativity and originality of the first part, and few came out as scary, let alone horrifying. The directing too was just awful, perhaps owing to inexperience as the director is fairly new to the industry.


Scary Movie 5

Director: Malcolm D. Lee

Cast: Ashley Tisdale, Simon Rex, Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen

One would say that scary movie 5 would require you have the humor of a 7 year old to generate laughs, and that may be true. This film, just like some of its predecessors, failed to deliver on so many fronts.

The humor for instance seemed schemed, making it quite bare to even the uninterested viewer. The acting on the other hand was also wanting. What made the acting look even worse was the lack of any of the original filmmakers David Zucker and Keenen Ivory Wayans.


6 Souls

Director: Mans Marlind, Bjorn Stein

Cast: Jeffrey DeMunn, Julianne Moore, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

The film 6 souls failed terribly on almost all fronts. For starters, directing was wanting, really wanting. The narration also seemed to be out of touch. It didn’t portray the emotions demanded in different scenes and was scattered, making the movie somewhat mysterious, and leaving the viewer confused at the end of it all.



Director: Robert Schwentke

Cast: Jeff Bridges, Kevin Bacon, Ryan Reynolds and Mary-Louise Parker

This was one of the most anticipated movies of the year 2013. Coincidentally, it was one of the most expensive, costing about $130,000,000. Unfortunately, it attracted about only half of this, evidence enough of its failure.

Considering the much that was spent preparing this movie for the big screen, the supernatural creatures in the film seemed plain fake. This was one of the factors that saw it lose popularity fast with most of the viewers. Also, the film was bombarded with chase after chase of different sorts of monsters, and lacked a clear and definite storyline, a factor which saw most if the viewers trail off to fantasy land mid movie.

Put simply, this was one big disappointment.


The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones

Director: Harald Zwart

Cast: Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan and Lily Collins

One would certainly expect a lot from a movie with such a suggestive title. This film however showed great potential for this, but didn’t go beyond that, potential.

While viewers expected so much (demons, demon hunters and the likes), the film was filled with very different scenes of actors trying to make the best out of their roles.

The directing too was wanting, as was the storyline that was filled with inappropriate twists throughout.



Director: Courtney Solomon

Cast: Ethan Hawke, Jon Voight and Selena Gomez

The number one cause of the failure of the movie can very well be blamed on the directing, a task, which was left to one of the worst in the industry, having failed terribly in his previous, works. This, coupled with script writing left to complete amateurs, saw Getaway feature among the ten worst movies of 2013.

The lack of an interesting story line and development of events also contributed greatly to its fall as it was marked mostly by car racing action, which seemed to have no purpose.


Battle of the Year

Director: Benson Lee

Cast: Caity Lotz, Josh Holloway, Josh Peck and Laz Alonso

This film failed to deliver where so many others have, and left very high standards. Instead of coming up with entertaining dance moves and a well incorporated storyline, the film focuses on ethnicity to drive the drama.

It makes previous films based on the same concept lose their passion as the acting is clearly visible on most of the actors’ faces. Speaking of actors, most of those featured on the film are plain athletics without the capability of combining their sporty tricks with the passion that comes with dancing.


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