Certain devices support certain audio formats and there is hardly a single format which is supported by all devices. For instance, even though WMA is a popular audio format and is supported by most devices, WMA files can’t be played on an iPod. A handy audio converter can prove useful in such situations. Such software can convert files present in one format into another so as to make them playable on the device you need. Here is a list of the best free WMA to MP3 converters which can convert WMA audio files rapidly into MP3 files. 

Best Free WMA to MP3 Converter


Switch Audio File Converter

Switch Audio File Converter is a very versatile audio file converter. It supports and can convert between 40 different popular audio formats including MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, WMA etc. Apart from quick conversion of audio files, the software can also keep the tag information intact for the converted file. Switch Audio File converter is capable of batch conversion as well and can convert files present in different formations into a single format in a single go. The software isn’t only available for Windows users and can be run on Mac OS X as well which is great for all Apple users.

Operating System Supports: Windows, Mac OS X

Click HERE to download Switch Audio File Converter.


Free MP3 & WMA Converter

Free MP3 & WMA Converter is a very simple and lightweight audio format converter which is capable of converting between various audio formats. The formats supported by free MP3 & WMA Converter include WMA, MP3, OGG, FLAC and WAV. The software has a very simple and easy to use interface with a three-step process for conversion of music files from one format into another. Apart from conversion between audio formats, the software is also capable of ripping audio CDs to create normal audio files out of them as well.

Operating System Supports: Windows

Click HERE to download Free MP3 & WMA Converter.


Free WMA to MP3

Free WMA to MP3 is a lightening quick audio format conversion utility which supports conversion of WMA audio files into MP3 files or WAV files. While the software doesn’t support any other input format and can only convert WMA files, the utility’s amazing performance (can convert long audio files within 10 seconds) makes up for the lack of options it provides. Free WMA to MP3 is a single-purpose utility with its sole purpose being the conversion of heavy WMA files into MP3 format and it does it with speed and precision. Great performance combined with a user-friendly interface, free WMA to MP3 is a useful offering for people who have a large collection of WMA files that need to be converted into MP3 format.

Operating System Supports: Windows

Click HERE to download Free WMA to MP3.


Convert Audio to MP3

Convert audio to MP3 is an online software utility and can convert your music files online without the need for downloading the utility itself. So, if you have an Internet connection, you can simply visit the website, upload the music file whose format you want to convert and then download the file in the format you want after the conversion is completed. The online utility currently supports around 50 audio formats including popular formats like WMA, AMR, WAV, FLV, MOV, FLAC, OGG and many more. Convert audio to MP3 offers useful editing options during conversion as well and allows you to set the bitrate, sample rate and audio channels for your converted file. You can also trim the converted audio file to the size you want with the software.

Operating System Supports: All Operating System

Click HERE to open Convert audio to MP3.


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