No matter the young or the old, people in India have preferred to buy things from huge shopping malls. There are many reasons behind this phenomenon, which can include:

  •    Good environment

  •    One stop shopping

  •    No parking problem

  •    Outing and shopping

  •    Greater variety

Why Do Indians Prefer Shopping Malls?


Good Environment

In the shopping malls the infrastructure may be seemed to be very good and when entering the shopping malls a good environment will be realized. Our mind wont get distrupted with any type of situations and may be able to shop with the free mind. Affordable price, No Bargaining, Customer service will be provided


One Stop Shopping

In the Shopping Malls we can purchase everything we may need in our day today life. Just like Fashionjewellery items, Electronics items, Grocery items, Kids products, Furniture items, Clothing wears for Gents, ladies & Kids, Cinema Theatres, Food Stalls etc….When we enter the Shopping malls we may purchase most of the things and it’s not necessary to go for any retail shops every time.


No Parking Problem

In the Shopping Malls there will be spaced for parking the vehicles without any congestion.. In a shopping mall the underground will be spaced for parking the vehicles and in the parking area the security will be there who may provide token to park the vehicles. So there may not any theft will be happened for ever.


Outing and Shopping

Going to the Shopping malls will be like going both for outing and shopping. We may spend more time for shopping at one place and going outside for another place. Both will be available at the same place in the Shopping malls. Like when we need to buy some products and go for a Cinema both at a time we may prefer the Shopping malls. Everything will be available in the Shopping malls. Time will be saved.


Greater Variety

The varieties available in the shopping malls will be greater than any retail shops. In the retail shops particular things only will be sold. But in the shopping malls the greater variety may be available. Everything will be sold in the Shopping malls as said in the further.

There will be wide range of products which are branded.


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