Are you planning a trip to Africa? I guess one of the concerns that pop up into your mind is what to wear in Africa. Below are some general guidance that may help.

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African Moral Dress Emphasis

Africans people put a lot of emphasis on morality, modes of dress and respect in general. We recommend that during your tours of the bazaars, town and historical places, on a hot sunny day, please at the least wear knee high shorts and loose polo shirts. Also, if your are visiting religious institutions like mosques and churches, some guards do not allow tourists inside if they feel their dressing is over revealing.


Safari Wear

Most safaris are done in the highlands. We highly recommend jackets and long pants or jeans for the early morning drive. Please do not underestimate this advice. The combination of the open top safari vehicles and cool fresh African morning air will leave you wishing you had more clothing to keep you warm. Also, the morning game drive is the best time to see the animals as they come to the water holes and to the open savannahs.

For the mid morning and afternoon drive, depending on the type of day, we recommend cotton polo shirts with Khaki shorts or long jeans.

For the early evening drive, a thin jacket along with your afternoon clothing would be appropriate.

For your sit-down candle light evening dinner, a semi formal dressing would be most appropriate.

If you wish to swim at the African safari lodges and tented camps between your safari drives, do not forget to pack swimwear. 

Safaris tend to be dusty; an old pair of sneakers will serve perfectly. During dinner, semi-formal shoes are most appropriate.


Beach Wear

The East African beaches have excellent weather all year round. The pristine water temperatures and clear water make it perfect for all kinds of beach activities. Please pack multiple swimwear clothing for your time during the beach, polo shirts and pants or semi formal wear for the evening dinner. 

For those who want to avoid over packing, laundry service are available at all our accommodations.

Please note that topless bathing is not permitted on the East African coast or beaches.


Climb Wear

Mountain Clothing

Very warm, wind proof jacket with hood

Waterproof jacket and over-trousers

Walking trousers, shirts, pullover

Warm underwear

Walking socks

Good comfortable walking boots

Trainers (for evenings)


Warm waterproof gloves

Sun hat

Warm hat or balaclava


Mountain Equipment

Nice warm sleeping bag

Water bottle (1 to 2 liters)

Water purification tablets and filter

Wash kit, towel, and toilet paper

First aid kit (including blister plasters, lip slave, headache pills, sun cream, personal medication)

Torch with extra batteries


Walking pole(s) glasses

Rucksack or duffel bag

For equipment that you don't have or forgot to bring, you can generally hire equipment in Moshi with the help of our representative 

Mountain Climb Personal First Aid Kit *

Painkillers (aspirin/paracetamol) - We recommend aspirin as this thins blood to helps prevent blood clots. We don't recommend strong painkillers as this will aid to altitude sickness when climbing)

Dressings, especially pressure relief for blisters

Talcum Powder

Malaria tablets

Sun block for skin & lips 

Antacids - Blister treatment


Imodium or other anti-diarrhea tablets

Plasters/Band Aids

Antiseptic wipes

Knee supports etc.

Med Lemon or other cold cure sachets

Oral rehydration salts/sachets

Insect repellent.

Sanitary towels or similar

* Please note that the information below is not intended to be medical advice; it is purely informational. AfricanMecca, Inc. will not be held accountable for situations arising from the use or abuse of it.


Below is a general packing checklist for you.

  • ‚ÄčAir tickets
  • ‚ÄčTravel insurance
  • Traveler's checks
  • Valid passport with photocopies
  • Visas - is also available on arrival at the airport
  • Binoculars
  • Camera (spare batteries) and lenses with sufficient film
  • Camcorder
  • Credit card & cash
  • Dust-proof bags
  • Flashlight with spare batteries
  • Immunization certificates - if required
  • Insect repellent
  • International drivers license - if required
  • Light waterproof windbreaker jacket
  • Malaria tablets
  • Moisturizing cream
  • Multi-prong adapter for electrical appliances
  • Personal medication
  • Pocketknife - put this in the main luggage when flying.
  • Sun block, Sunglasses, Sunhat or cap

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