An assortment of learning and knowledge on the focused issue is essential for a persuasive essay to be written. It is a great tool to express one’s conviction on a certain notion or thing. Writing a persuasive essay is an art. Moreover, writing this kind of essay is like attending before a jury, arguing a case like a lawyer. The writer defends an issue – either “against” or “for” and constructs the most probable argument to attract attention of the reader.

Simply, the writer’s job is to make the reader believe in a certain perspective or perform a certain task through a persuasive writing. Thus, it calls for good research, knowing the perception of the audience as well as of the writer’s own. An effective persuasive essay not only reveals that the writer’s outlook stands a better chance but also the contrasting opinion is inaccurate. Persuasive essay has been a widespread medium through which modern life have found ways to express in the form of ads, newspaper editorials, formal speeches and blogs.

No matter the persuasive essays secretly portrays the conviction power, many writers still find it hard to carve one. It is due to short of preparation and resources. Therefore, it is strongly advised to take time to understand the subject matter before start writing the essay.

The web contains a lot of ‘what to include’ articles on a persuasive essay but we will outline the things to exclude when writing one.

What To Exclude From Your Persuasive Essay

Passing Off Ideas As Authentic Statements

Like we mentioned before, a persuasive essay is only an attempt to make the readers believe in the writer’s opinions. The writer carefully gathers supporting information to support the essay’s argument. Then it is to be hopeful that the reader believes fully. Therefore, we know that the argument is only based on the writer’s ideas and not the genuine facts. It is important that the writer must keep in mind to avoid positioning opinions like they are facts.

Avoid Use of Personal Pronouns

It is strongly recommended to weave your essay in paragraphs and put in as much effort to convince the reader to believe your opinions. However, you should avoid using pronouns like me, us, and you but intermediary terms and phrases are advised to be used. The uses of personal pronouns create the impression as if the essay is all about what you, I or we suppose only. Your essays should contain issues affecting a large crowd although the purpose of the writing is to validate your opinion. Also sometimes, the use of ‘you’ can be disrespectful without such intention.

Avoid Aggressive Approach

Numerous writer have failed to make the readers certify the argument even their persuasive essays seem sturdy. The reason following the consequence might be the hostile attitude towards the opposition. This motive has the tendency to make your essay’s argument seem fragile in spite of how reasonable it may seem. This is by no means to succeed over other person’s opinion.

Avoid Ignoring the Opposition’s Argument

A persuasive essay writer always has to deal with opposing argument so it is not advised to ignore it. Rather, make a move to put the weight off their argument and gain heavy tilt towards your favor. For this move, you need to make apparent that the confirmation your opposition providing cannot be verified fully or only stands partially. In this way you will gain more favorable points as you will state the position you are on the argument and how carefully you have prepared going through the merits of the opposition as well. It shows that you have reached your conclusion thoroughly.

Reject Negative Outlook

The first thing to do is affirm your thesis in the introduction paragraph. Make your stand clear. Since, the first paragraph attracts your reader to go through the rest of your paper it is important that you do not want to simply bore them or make them reject your argument. You should avoid terms like awful or repulsive.

Avoid the Use of Distracting Ideas

It is important that you should not create distraction for the reader away from the real argument. This will only make your reader get bored and get off the hook which is not your primary objective.

Avoid Using Argument of Either/Or Nature

It is advised to not use ideas that make the reader choose between the extreme choices. By making these sort of statement will only make the audience realize the fact that you are missing all the options that lie in between.

Avoid Bandwagon Persuasion

The expression getting on the bandwagon describes your position onto something that is trending. Simply, it means you are also doing the same thing as others. It is a very tricky technique to brainwash the reader into believing something is good just because everybody else is into it.

Avoid Writing in the First Person Perspective

The persuasive essay is simply an attempt to make your audience believe in your argument. However, do not use ‘I’ but use ‘we’. This will create an impression among your audience that you all belong on the similar side of the argument.

Avoid Using Vague Terms

All the people have right to their own ways of thinking and perception. Keeping this in mind, avoid using vague words like wrong and right because these words imply different meanings to different individuals.

Avoid Being Too Sentimental

Attachment with the article is actually a good thing when writing a persuasive essay. However, being too sappy can make your reader feel that you are entirely biased or not reliable. Therefore, it is recommended that you provide a counter argument sometimes. By doing so will let the reader think that you can be trusted upon.


Persuasive essays can be very tricky to develop because of its wide limitation upon which writers can express their freedom and can be easily exaggerated. Although your foundation idea may be new it is quite easier to copywrite. Hence, the above points are to be considered while writing a persuasive essay to avoid dreaded errors.


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