Everyone has their own preferred sleeping position that allows them to quickly fall fast asleep. From curling up into a ball taking up a tiny portion of the bed to sprawling out wide across the entire bed, these preferred sleep positions have been a part of our nightly routines since little. While you might not think much about the position you chose to sleep in, this can actually be very revealing. You might be surprised to learn just that here.

What Does the Way You Sleep Say About You?



Fetal position is where you sleep with your knees curled up to your chest, forming a ball with your body. Those who prefer this sleep position tend to have a hard shell. They are often more tough on the outside than they are on the inside and can be shy when you first meet them.



Nearly 15 percent of people sleep in log position. Here you lay down on your side with your arms flat against you. While this position may seem boring and stiff, that doesn't mean your personality is. Those who sleep in log position tend to be more social, friendly and carefree. While they may be popular they can also be quite gullible.



This position is not one of the most popular. Here you lay on your back with your arms down at your sides. Individuals who sleep in soldier position tend to be quiet and reserved. They also tend to hold themselves and others to a high standard with a strict moral code.


Free fall

This is a position that most people consider uncomfortable. Here you lay on your stomach with your arms wrapped around a pillow and your head faces one side. Those who sleep in this position tend to be bold. They can be quite social but will often have trouble dealing with criticism or awkward situation easily.


Spread Eagle or Starfish

This position is also known as the starfish. Here you lie with your arms at legs sprawled out completely carefree. What does the way you sleep say about you when you like to sleep sprawled out? People who prefer this comfortable position tend to be really good friends. They are eager to lend a helping hand but don't like to be the center of attention.


Pillow Hugger

When you hug your pillow with your arms and legs, you are sleeping in the hugger position. It should be no surprise that those who sleep in this position like to cuddle and value their relationships.


On your back

Sleep on your back is the most recommended sleep position. This position will help fight acne and can improve spinal health. Those who sleep laying on their backs tend to have a type A personality. These people tend to be leaders and are outgoing. They stand up straight because they are confident and doing so keeps those who don't like them away.


Sitting up

This isn't a common sleeping position unless you are traveling but some individuals like to sleep in a more upright position. People who prefer to sleep sitting up do so because they have a lot of stress in their life. This position helps relieve neck strain that is caused by the stress which is why it is preferred by some.



Sleep in the stargazer position means you sleep on your back with your arms wrapped around your head. This is often considered a vulnerable position. Individuals who like to sleep this way hold their friends at top priority. They tend to go out of their way to help their friends. They tend to be very happy and usually easy going.



What does the way you sleep say about you when you prefer the thinker position? This position is exactly how it sounds. Here you lay on your side with one hand resting on the chin as if in deep thought. Individuals who sleep this way tend to have high running emotions that waiver from two extremes.



In this position, you sleep on your side with your arms stretch out in front of you. Those who sleep in this position can be complicated. While they are open-minded, they are also cynical. They take their time to make a decision but once they make one, they stick with it.


Head under pillow

When you prefer to sleep with your head hidden under a pillow, you tend to be a very patient person. You persevere in all obstacles you face in life. Many people who sleep this way can be found in high-stress jobs since they are able to take on the stress with ease.


Combination of all

Feel like you fall asleep in one position and roll around going through all the positions in one night? Those who tend to sleep differently every night or even a little restless throughout the night can indicate that you might not be so satisfied with your life. These shifting sleep position also refer to your shifting social habits. Individuals with a combination of sleeping position will tend to be mysterious.


With a light on

What does the way you sleep say about you when you prefer the lights on? You might be a little paranoid. Sleeping with the light on at nights tends to mean you want to be prepared or ready for what might happen. You tend to look at the worst case scenario throughout your day. Individuals who sleep with a light on are also more likely to be depressed.


In complete darkness

On the other hand, if you prefer complete darkness when you sleep, you tend to be very bold. Not only is sleeping in complete darkness better for you health, but also you don't let fear hold you back.


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