Hookah pens are a type of electronic cigarette that are generally used to do vape tricks. Unlike traditional electronic cigarettes - which are usually marketed towards those who want to stop smoking and believe that electronic cigarettes are healthier - hookah pens are marketed to those who would do vaping for fun. They see videos of people blowing awesome smoke or vape tricks, and they want to take part in it too. What are the most popular hookah pen tricks? This article compiles and analyzes the 5 most popular tricks.


The O-Ring is the classical hookah pen trick, and is the one that most people think of when they talk about smoke or vape tricks. When you are done with this tutorial, you are going to be a master at blowing O rings! Here's how you do it:

Video Tutorial

You can watch the video here, and read the steps below.


Slightly inhale the vapor.

Your goal here is to get the vapor into your mouth and throat. Do not inhale it into your lungs! The vapor needs to be readily available in your mouth and throat to create awesome O's.


Loop your tongue back towards your throad.

Point your tongue down, and pull it backwards towards your throat. Think of it like your tongue is "raking" the vapor into your throat.


Create O-Shape With Your Mouth

There's a bit more to it than just that. The O-shape you are going for is more like if you were singing "oooooh". The O itself should be as large as you can make it without straining your lips awkwardly.


Use Throat to Push Out Smoke

Your goal here is to use your throat to push the smoke through your lips. Described elsewhere as "the sound you make when you choke slightly", that motion of the throat is exactly what is needed to accelerate awesome rings out of your mouth. While you are doing this, be sure to keep your lips at a steady shape.

French Inhale


Video Tutorial

The French Inhale, also known as the Irish Waterfall, is an awesome hookah pen trick where vape flows from your mouth right back into your nose.

To get started, watch the video below, and then look at the steps after the video. 


Take a long inhale on your hookah pen.

Unlike the O-ring trick above where we inhaled only a small amount of vapor, in this case we are trying to inhale as much as possible. 


Open mouth slowly, and prepare to release the vapor.

Open your mouth, but do not be in a rush to push the vapor out! Just open your mouth, and wait for it to start flowing naturally from your mouth.


Push out bottom lip to best align your bottom jaw with your nose.

We need to have a way to direct the vapor from your mouth to your nose. Pushing your jaw out is the best way to do that. Imagine if you were trying to blow away a bug that landed on your forehead. Though in this case you are not blowing, it's the same sort of shape that you would make with your jaw.


As vapor flows from your mouth, start inhaling through your nose.

This step needs to be done slowly. As you start to release from your mouth, begin inhaling. This replaces the vapor back into your throat. Keep doing this for as long as you can. and feel comfortable!

Other Cool Vape Tricks

There are more cool vape tricks you can do with your hookah pen. Here are some of the vidoes.


The Ghost is one of the coolest tricks you can do with your hookah pen! Check out the tutorial below.



This one is easily our favorite for the many prongs of smoke! Check out the video.

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