Several people have a misconception that liberal arts are not worth studying. However, studying liberal arts is worth both your time and money. The thing is to avoid the negative misconception associate with the study, and to proceed and study if you have a passion. The current state of the American economy and the use of technology have caused many industries to close shop. This has led to limited growth opportunities to skilled labor in practical specific careers. This has blocked many professionals out. Most employers know that employees can acquire technical skills while working. Nonetheless, communication skills are hard to acquire unless you go through classes.

Liberal arts mean general skills that a free person to maximize his/her meaningful contribution to the society. Social sciences, anthropology, and humanities are a few of the disciplines that fall under the category of liberal arts. If you carry out research in several universities, you will be surprised that one course falls under liberal arts in one institution and in a different category in another.

What Are Liberal Arts?

Colleges That Offer Liberal Arts in United States of America

Piedmont college in Georgia, Washington College in Maryland, Concordia University, Linfield College, Gustavus Adolphus College, and Illinois Wesleyan University are some of the institutions that offer liberal arts. When you study disciplines under liberal arts, you gain the ability to communicate problems effectively.

Things You Learn in Liberal Arts

Research, communication, and planning, are a few of the survival lifelong skills that you acquire by studying liberal arts. Instead of learning one discipline like economics, liberal arts will teach you economics, history, mathematics, and politics. This is cost effective to employers since they do not need to employ many people in different fields.

Both the conscious and unconscious parts of the brain develop when you study liberal arts unlike other disciplines that concentrate on the conscious part of the brain only. This is according to the legendary Sigmund Freud in personality development under the social psychology. The liberal art classes always have few students, which enhances their interaction with their highly qualified teachers and ask questions where unsatisfied with explanations offered thus improving their understanding.

Jobs Available for Liberal Arts Majors

Many people worry because there is no specific field that you can attach yourself to. However, the truth is that liberal arts are as competitive as those narrowly defined disciplines. Public service, law, and military service are some of the fields where liberal arts majors can work.

Technology has, and will continue to undergo major developments. This makes degrees that are more practical obsolete and unreliable due to changes. Liberal arts personnel remain significant throughout their lives even if technological change occurs. Many might disagree with this, but it is the truth, almost all chief executive officers of major corporations have degrees in liberal arts.

Comparison Between Liberal Arts and Degrees That Are More Specialized

In the United States, those who study liberal arts have one-year internship. In most cases, they travel abroad to enhance their experience and exposure as opposed to their counterparts who are employed direct. Opportunities for advancements in the field, that one would like, stands out as another advantage. 

You can study any other field after the first degree. Those who study field courses that are more direct get it difficult to advance in a different field. It is a fact that those who study liberal arts do not get jobs quickly but when they acquire one, they advance very fast and employers retain them. The last advantage is high creativity within liberal arts.

Fees and Admission Requirements

When heading to study liberal arts, the school fee varies across different institutions. Institutions that provide liberal arts degree alone charge higher than the ones that mix them up. Having good grades in high school is mandatory before getting into institutions that offer liberal arts degrees. Application is always online. You must part with some application fee. When you prove that you are financially needy, by submitting necessary forms like death certificate of parents, most institutions will find sponsors for you. Deferral and fee waivers are possible for those under sponsorship.

Contrary to what most people opine, liberal arts is a lucrative field worth studying.


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