There is so much to take in when visiting France. Paris, in particular, has some stunning and unique sights that you just can’t afford to miss. Not only is there the Louvre, L’Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower, but this thriving cultural metropolis also boasts the Champs Élysées, Notre Dame and a whole host of visually stunning architectural and historical points of interest. But if you pick the wrong time of year, you could end up having a washed out holiday. A little research of weather in Paris, however, you can avoid the trouble time of year and have a divine dream holiday in the city of light.


Overall Weather in Paris

Paris is placed within a temperate climate and is renowned for its sudden and unexpected rain showers. However if you avoid the more inclement months, then you can minimize your chance of getting caught out. May, June and July are often the peak tourist seasons for Paris due to the more favorable weather. Parisian temperatures generally range between 5°C during winter and 20°C in summer with July being the hottest month of the year. The coldest month of the year is January with Paris occasionally receiving a light smattering of snow.


Spring Weather in Paris

Paris is hugely popular year round with summer being the most popular. Spring, however, has its own particular perks with the French capital boasting largely beautiful weather and gorgeous blooming gardens. As the spring is technically off peak as far as many airlines are concerned, often making tickets cheaper. If you are looking for festivals and traditional fairs, Paris celebrates Easter, Foire de Paris and Foire du Trone during which the capital explodes with color and life. If you are a sport fan, then you can enjoy the fun of the Paris Marathon ad French open that take place in spring. Uniquely French national holidays and events; Worker’s Day, Victory Day and Museum Night are also during the Parisian spring and are enjoyed by locals and travelers alike.


Summer Weather in Paris

Tourism is a booming industry in Paris during summer, so it’s no surprise that the city revolves around tourists, putting on a show for the travelers. Whilst summer is warmer than the other months, it still does not reach a sweltering heat and is still quite pleasant to sit by the Seine and enjoy the local cafés and restaurants. This beautiful time of year for Paris sees the night light up with prestigious and dazzling night clubs and the delightful open air cinema. For the music lovers the Paris Street Music festival has plenty to offer.


Autumn Weather in Paris

Fall or autumn in Paris is not necessarily the easiest time to see the many sights, but it certainly is still worth seeing. The changing colors of the trees and the cooler climate suits some tourists just fine. As autumn is only the beginning of the rainy season, there is still some excellent weather to come before winter sets in. The crowds are thinner and the tourist sites are just as beautiful, so if you don’t mind braving the slight chill and chance of rain, you still experience the beauty and wonder of Paris.


Winter Weather in Paris

Winter in Paris is rarely freezing with occasional light snow covering, creating an enchanting and charming winter paradise. The air is still quite chilly, but if you don’t mind the cold you can get closer to the tourist sites and experience Paris in a way that it is just not possible to do in the more crowded summer months.


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