This handcrafted rowing machine is a new enhanced model different from the previous series. Its design was informed by water dynamics. I know most people will like the stimulation that comes from the use of this improved product.

For long, most people have considered rowing as the perfect pursuit in aerobics. I know that rowing has been a long time associated with boosting heart rates. With this product, be sure to up your rowing game to the next level. For sure, you’ll enjoy the water flywheel that is attached to this brand new model. The rower comes enclosed together with two paddles that aid in creating minimal resistance during rowing.

Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine Review

Features and specifications

· This rower weighs up to 456ks

· Relatively long track seat

· The movement length of the seat is about 43 inches (about 110 centimetres)

· Modifications ongoing for tall individuals (taller than 195 centimetres)


The rower measures 21 inches by 22 inches by 83 inches. Storage for this brand is best when it is up on the base. The rower weighs 53kgs when the tank is full with water and up to 33 Kgs when empty.


Has a moulded seat of ergonomic design. The seat has extra padding to offer super comfort when rowing. This is a fitness devise to enjoy without much strain. For those who have not laid their hands on it, I can confirm to you that it is way comfortable than other related equipments.


Assembly of this devise is the easiest. Even if you do not know how to put things together, anyone can easily assemble this one. The assembly instructions are detailed but I know it is easy follow. It comprises of ten simple steps and easy to understand instructions. According to the manufacturers and it should take you thirty minutes at most to assemble.


· This brand of a rower is solidly built hence low chances of breaking up.

· It offers a realistic and smooth rowing motion.

· Has a nice finishing of ash wood.

· Assembly mechanism is so easy and fast.

· Wheels are of dual caster to reduce water resistance.

· The seats are very comfortable.

· You can adjust resistance by use of the variable resistance adjuster.

· You can remove or add water to the tank to your preference.

· It can link S4 type of monitor to a computer and race others. This enables it to upload data on workouts for your further analysis.


· When using it remember that those footrests are flimsy.

· Advanced features miss out greatly on the performance monitor of this brand.

The price ranges from $1095-$1600.


This rower offers the best rowing experience I have ever had. The comfort you get from it will leave you always satisfied. Remember this devise comes with a warranty. I would spare nothing to acquire this amazing poduct. Hurry and lay hand on yours too. I know you will not only like it, you will recommend your friends to get one too. Get this amazing machine today!


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