Warcraft 3 is a very famous and popular game released by Blizzard Entertainment. It has so many interesting elements that even now there are many people enthusiastic about this game. However, you may encounter some difficulty in the game or you want to pass the game quickly, then you need some cheat codes which can accelerate your game progress.

How to Input Cheat Codes in Warcraft 3


During a single player game, press "Enter".


Input the cheat codes in the message box (the codes are case-insensitive).


Press "Enter" again.


You'll see "Cheat enabled" in your screen which means the cheat is enabled already.


If you want to cancel the cheat, repeat the step 1 to 3, then you'll see "Cheat disabled" on the screen (some cheat can't be canceled such as getting gold and lumber). 

Cheat Codes for Warcraft 3

1. To get an instant victory

Cheat code: AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs


2. To set the time at a specific hour, or stop / continue the time flows in the game

Cheat code: DayLightSavings [time]


3. To get some gold and lumber, the default number is 500

Cheat code: GreedIsGood [amount]


4. To kill the units instantly

Cheat code: IocainePowder


5. To see the whole map without fog of war

Cheat code: IseeDeadPeople


6. To get some gold, the default number is 500

Cheat code: KeyserSoze [amount]


7. To get some lumber, the default number is 500

Cheat code: LeafitToMe [amount]


8. Set the time in the game to evening

Cheat code: LightsOut


9. To get a level-up instantly

Cheat code: Motherland [race] [level]


10. To remove the limitation on food

Cheat code: PointBreak


11. Set the time in the game to morning

Cheat code: RiseAndShine


12. To upgrade your research instantly

Cheat code: SharpAndShiny


13. To defeat your enemy instantly

Cheat code: SomebodySetUpUsTheBomb


14. To continue playing even you fail in the campaign mode

Cheat code: StrengthAndHonor


15. To disable the requirements of tech tree

Cheat code: Synergy


16. To play a special song (Only used in the Frozen Throne)

Cheat code: TenthLevelTaurenChieftain


17. To make your units have infinite Mana

Cheat code: ThereIsNoSpoon


18. To speed up the construction of units and buildings

Cheat code: WarpTen


19. To research the game fast

Cheat code: WhoIsJohnGalt


20. God mode, kill anyone in one-hit

Cheat code: WhosYourDaddy

  • Remember: These cheat codes can only be used in single player game, which means they are null in battle.net and local area network game.
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