Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a name that everyone remembers, a name that is very different from anyone else’s? That’s what you can have when you choose unique girl names for your little one. She will always have a name that is unusual, and likely will be the only one in her class at school who has that name. And even if someone does forget her name, she will always be remembered as that person with the unusual and unique name! Here are some of the most unique girl names with the meaning, and a list of more unusual girl names to give you a spark. Choose one that makes you happy when you say it or hear it, and one that you know will fit your little one perfectly. 

Part 1: Top 20 Unique Girl Names with Meanings

These top 20 unique girl names are in alphabetical order. Happy name picking!

Aliz. Rather than turn to the classic Alice, many parents are going with the Hungarian version of the name with a “z” at the end to spice things up. Your child can enjoy the fact that they are very unique, and at the same time, their name sounds classic enough that their older friends will enjoy it, too. 

Gwyneth. This name from the Welsh means “fair” or “happiness” or “blessed”–all great words to attribute to the little one. Your child can also take heart in that they have the same name as the blond, attractive Gwyneth Paltrow, a powerhouse of an actress. 

Harper. This English or American name means “minstrel,” so it might be perfect for those who are into music and hope to have a daughter who loves the tunes as well. Harper is also the name of the famous Harper Lee who wrote “To Kill a Mockingbird.” 

Haven. This uplifting name is often chosen by parents who see their child as a long-awaited gift. From the English, this name also means “shelter” or a “place of safety.”

Jasmine. The lovely flower is very fragrant so much so that it has become a popular perfume. The name itself means “of the flower” and is commonly attributed to either American or Persian lineage. 

Leda. For those literature and history buffs, you might already know that Leda was the mother of Helen of Troy. But you might not know that it means happy! This is the perfect name for a child who will have a sunny disposition. 

Meredith. Often known as a Celtic or Welsh name, this means “guardian of the sea” or “great chief.” Though this can be given to children of either gender, it is more common among girls. If you love the sea and hope your child will be a protector and leader in all things, you might have the perfect name for her. 

Ondine. This is a very pretty name that brings to mind nature and the garden. It also pairs very well with middle names, so you can choose something more classic or traditional for the middle and keep this one for the first name—that way, your child can choose which one she wants to use when she is older. 

Penelope. An ancient Greek name that invokes feelings of strength, this name also means “white shoulder.” This name is a very popular one among those who want their child to have a sense of history with the wider world. 

Phoebe. An ancient Greek name, Phoebe is a moon goddess and the mother of Leto. The actual name meaning is “the shining one.” Phoebe might work well for a young lady who is hoped to do great things. It is also a big pop culture name as one of the characters in “Friends” is named Phoebe. 

Reagan. This name means “regal,” and that is certainly true in the United States, where the  most famous Reagan was President Ronald Reagan, a beloved leader who won a great deal of approval from Americans during his term. 

Reeve. Hearing this name might immediately bring to mind one of the most famous “Reeves”—Christopher who played Superman. What a great way to bring a sense of strength and power to a young lady! But in addition to that, the ‘eve’ ending of the name is as feminine as it gets. What’s not to love? 

Ruby. As you might imagine, this name means “jewel” and brings to mind the bright red stone that is valued by so many. It is also a very classic name that is seeing more popularity these days as a trendy way to name your child. 

Saffron. The name of a very expensive flower that blooms very rarely, this name is also reminiscent of an orange spice. The name invokes a feeling of softness, sweetness and feminine wiles that can serve a young lady in good stead. 

Savina. From the Latin meaning “sabine,” the sabines were a tribe in ancient Rome. The name in urban usage means a woman who knows what she wants, so it’s a great name to give a child. 

Scarlett. Those who loved "Gone with the Wind" will recognize this name as one of the most iconic of a generation. It’s a truly southern name and means “one who bears or wears scarlet cloth.” 

Sigrid. This name means “beautiful victory” in the Norse and is both a sweet and powerful name for a young lady. The name is also that of an Indian goddess and can be shortened to the more popular Siri.

Summer. Named for the hottest season of the year, this name is American and English in root and means “born in the season.” Those who have a child in the summer or who want a name that instills a sunny disposition might choose this one. 

Toni. The abbreviated version of Antoinette, this name means “highly praiseworthy” and was originally a Roman clan name. It can also be considered French, or the feminine version of Anthony. 

Winnie. Remember the joys of "Winnie the Pooh“? The name Winnie is becoming a popular one for little girls. It offers a whole list of fun nicknames too, such as Windy or Windsor. It also evokes a sense of innocence and fun, something your daughter just might carry with her through her entire life. 

Part 2: Unique Girl Names for 2015

As a parent, if you are really into unique and unusual girl names and determined to pick such one for your coming little girl, then here's a list of more possibilities that you can add into consideration before choosing the golden one.































  • Picking a unique name for your baby girl is a great idea, but the tricky part is don't pick a over-unique one. If the name is too unusual or too exotic, it could also sound too weird to say or hear. Don't embarrass your girl later in life with a terrible name that she might suffer from, or that gives some stupid young kids a chance to keep picking on her. I'm sure you don't want to see this.

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