We all know celebrities live a relatively affluent life. But how do they make that? Here I list some unexpected ways celebrities make money. Read on to find more.

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Some say, "It takes money to make money," and many celebs make money by reinvesting what they earn into other projects and businesses. This could be anything from a startup they are passionate about, the stock market, a business that is expanding, or buying and selling real estate. Ashton Kutcher is one celebrity who has made a string of smart investments. Kutcher has invested in Skype as well as undisclosed amounts in some of the tech world's hottest start-ups.



Many celebs have the entrepreneurial bug, and end up making new inventions that they license or sell. This could be an invention related to their industry such as Dr. Dre's Beats headphones, or an invention related to another area of their life they are passionate about. Since the product they invent is associated with their already famous name, it comes with built-in brand recognition.


Lending Their Name

Sometimes celebrities make money simply by lending their name to a brand, product, or service. This could be a perfume, or tennis shoes or athletic attire endorsed by professional athletes. This type of income opportunity may also involve interviews and events in which celebs demonstrate or use the product they have lent their name to.


Public Appearances

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian can make as much as $100,000 per public appearance. The paid appearance could be somewhere such as a nightclub, party, special event, or convention. Being able to place an A-list celebrity on the guest list can generate a significant amount of income, for individuals who want the opportunity to see celebs up close and in person.



Many actors, actresses, and musicians sign on for modeling contracts that can produce hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars in annual revenue. These modeling campaigns are often for luxury clothing lines, perfume, and beauty products. Sometimes the modeling contracts are for a short series of work, and sometimes celebs become "the face" of a brand for a designated timeframe.



Just as with modeling, many celebs make money by doing TV commercials. Even if the celebrity is not an actor or actress, they can make a significant amount of money doing television commercials. Sometimes these commercials are in conjunction with modeling and ad campaigns, and sometimes they are solo. Commercials pay both an upfront fee, as well as ongoing residuals.


Clothing Lines

Celebs such as Jessica Simpson, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Venus Williams, and Katie Holmes have all launched clothing and/or accessories lines. Some choose to have their name associated with their line of clothing, while others opt for alternative names. Nonetheless, the celebrity association with the brand has fans and followers taking notice.


Business Endeavors

Many celebs have professional aspirations beyond what they have become famous for. This could be a profession they worked in prior to becoming famous, or something stumbled upon in their journey of life. For example, Brad Pitt has a furniture line, and Michael Jordan has a steakhouse in Chicago.


Public Speaking

Many celebs are industry experts, and can make money by speaking about their industry, philanthropic projects, or even on obtaining success in general. Depending on their skill sets an area of expertise, some celebs speak at corporate events, conferences, seminars, or industry events.


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