We'd like to share photo, news and important information via email. Also, many notice will be informed by email. It is simple to put all the email addresses to the recipient line but this will make the email list long. What's more, you must encounter the circumstance when you need to send a notice to a lot of people, but you don't want to let the recipients know who else receives the mail either. Then you need to learn the tips on how to send to undisclosed recipients in Gmail.

Steps - How to Send to Undisclosed Recipients in Gmail


Open your browser and visit www.gmail.com, sign in your account.


Click on the button "Compose" in the left column.


In the "To" line, input "Undisclosed Recipient <[email protected]>" without two quotation marks. You need to replace [email protected] to your real Gmail address. Click on the "Bcc" button on the right side of the "To" line, then input the email address to which you want to send. Remember to use comma to separate the addresses. When you finish the subject of the mail and content of the mail, click on the blue button "Send" at the end of the current window. This mail will be sent to these recipient in "Bcc" line successfully and separately.


The following picture shows what the recipient will see in the mail.

  • Gmail will save the contact automatically, so for the next time you don't want to disclose the recipient, you don't need to input the full address (Undisclosed Recipient ) again. You can simply type "Undisclosed" in the "To" line or even "un", then this contact will be shown, so you can select it easily.

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