Travelling around the world is a recommended hobby. Not only will you see great scenery, you can meet with people who can influence your views on life. However, travelling also has its risks. There are threats to your safety that you must be wary of. Here are the best tips you can take note of when backpacking.

Travel Hacks: How to Keep Safe When Backpacking


Put money on socks.

There might be a time when your backpack gets stolen. It might also be that you left it behind the luggage area at the airport. Whatever reason you have for not having your backpack with you, that should not be the reason for you to go around the destination country penniless. If you tuck away reserve money in your socks - the one you are wearing right now - you will still have money to pay for your expenses even if you are robbed.


Research on safety advisories for the country you are going to.

The more knowledge you have about the country you plan to visit, the better you can ensure your safety. The government of the destination country usually gives out safety advisories to their tourists. Researching on these advisories can help you identify the do's and dont's you have to remember when traveling.


Be vigilant.

You have to keep a keen eye not only on your belongings but at your surroundings as well. Pay attention to how the people around you behave. You might want to listen to your backpacking instinct as well. If it seems that a red flag is being waived in front of you, notifying you that something is wrong, then you have to be really alert.

  • Always bring your passport and travel documents with you. Put them all in a small pouch you can hang around your neck.
  • If the place is known to have many safety risks, do not go around without a guide. The guide can save you.

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