There are many different ways that can be adopted for traveling in between Oslo and Stockholm, for instance boarding a train. All the modes of travel including the train from Oslo to Stockholm have their own distinct advantages and shortcomings and it is up to the traveler to decide which among them is most suitable for his travel needs. Before making a decision about their travel plans, tourists must deliberate on how they want to spend their journey from Stockholm to Oslo or vice versa. Various factors can influence the decision of the traveler, which include economy, value, luxury and speed.

Train from Oslo to Stockholm

Why choose train from Oslo to Stockholm?

Train is by far the best mode of travel for a tourist wanting to go from Oslo to Stockholm. It does not charge you excess amount of cash like the car rentals and allows you to spend your journey in spacious seats rather than the crowded mess of the bus. Moreover, the train can take you more quickly to your destination than the bus. All in all, it is the best mode of travel for the average tourist who wants to travel in comfort without having to pay extra money.

What choices do you have? And how long will it take?

When traveling by train from Oslo to Stockholm, you have three different choices available to you. You can either board the Rail Europe or the Swedish Railways or a high speed train that operates about three times a day between the two cities. The Rail Europe will transport you from Stockholm to Oslo in about 5 to 7 hours while the Swedish Railways would take about 6 to 7 hours to make the same journey. Tickets for Rail Europe can be booked online while Swedish Railways allow adults to take with them two passengers under age 15 for a price of just SEK 5 for each child.


Ticket options: 

Optional Ways from Oslo to Stockholm

Apart from the train from Oslo to Stockholm, there are many other ways for you to choose from based on your own particular needs.

By Air

Travel time: 1 hour

Average price: $100 to $150 for a round-trip

The fastest and by far the priciest way of traveling from Oslo to Stockholm is by airplane. You can board the direct flights offered by Norwegian and SAS that take off from both airports many times throughout the course of a day. Although it is among the fastest means of travel between Oslo and Stockholm, you will have to find a way to reach the airport on time.


By Car

Travel time: 6 ½ hours

Average price: Costlier than the bus and the train

Renting a car isn’t the fastest mode of travel from Oslo to Stockholm but allows you to travel on your own schedule. You can stop at whatever location you want and can enjoy a comfortable trip without having to jostle for places as is the case in a bus. However, it is definitely the most economical choice for a tourist.


By Bus

Travel time: 8 hours

Average price: 200 SEK

Bus is the slowest and by far the cheapest mode of transport for tourists wanting to go to Oslo from Stockholm. Bus tickets can be purchased online, from Swebus Offices and by cell phone. The bus leaves from the Cityterminalen in Stockholm and arrives at the Vaterland bus terminal in Oslo. Tourists should take the bus for this trip only if they have lots of time on their hands or are short on cash.


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