The movie industry is so dynamic, seeing new content every minute such that it is almost impossible to keep tabs of everything that comes out. So much has come to play that people seem to have forgotten some of the best hero movies produced. Here are the top ten forgotten hero movies, and why you should consider watching them.

Top Ten Forgotten Superhero Movies


Batman: The Movie (1966)

This movie caught many people’s attention back then, and for a good reason too. It saw attendance by some high profile actors like Adam West and Lee Meriwether and featured a great story line, getting an IMDB rating of 6.5.

It is an action movie featuring two heroes, Batman and Robin, fighting to save humanity from extinction. They are up against a group of four villains, including cat woman, who are equipped with a weapon capable of turning human beings into dust.

How the story unfolds you just have to see. It incorporates wits, trickery, a lot of action and a touch of romance and comedy.


Captain America (1990)

Considering the fact that it is a superhero movie, Captain America didn’t catch many people’s attention. It nonetheless is a hero movie.

It is about a soldier turned hero, who fought the world war two, got frozen right around then and whose services are needed again. This time the task is to save the US president’s life from a family of criminals unhappy with his policies about the environment.

It does have an interesting storyline, and isn’t a bad way to pass time.


The Rocketeer (1991)

This movie screams simplicity, the one feature that makes it popular with many people even years after its production, and in a time where we see much more colorful films.

It revolves around its name, a rocket for which the FBI are looking, and which Cliff is determined to hide from them regardless of anything.


The Shadow (1994)

Though considered a superhero film, it may be the only one where the hero is not based on any comic books.

It is about the hero by the name “The Shadow,” a former warlord turned by a holy and powerful holy man to be a force for good. He is given the ability to cloud men’s minds so that they do not see him, save for his shadow. All that is during the world war, but he is still held by the spell even after he returns to New York, where he fights organized crime.

Here he meets with a lady, Margot, whom he falls in love with, as well as a super villain with power just like his but a destructive mind. He has to fight the villain and try to fight off love.


The Phantom (1996)

The film The Phantom is the ideal entertainment motion picture. It has nothing to it save a storyline and complementing scenes to elaborate it, in the most dramatic and exiting way they could think of.

It is about a boy whose father gets executed by pirates as he watches. He fortunately gets saved by an island’s tribesmen, taught their ways and given a supernatural skull by which to fight crime and injustice.

The responsibility is then inherited from father to son till the 21st phantom comes to play, and has to fight a crook by the name of Drax who is getting out of control, putting the whole world at risk.

It definitely has a lot of action and a touch of romance, and is quite a great film to relax on.


Steel (1997)

It would be safe to say that this is one of the worst films made, one good reason for you to watch it. Fault has a beauty to it, it allows you to learn, and when you know just what you are getting yourself into, you know how to note the interesting parts of the film.

It nonetheless has a good storyline to it, and some great action scenes which are worth seeing.


Punisher: War Zone (2008)

The Punisher took a long time getting where it is. This series, The Punisher; War Zone, is what brought the superhero to his current status.

It has a well-built storyline laid out by some great actors. It features Castle, the punisher, whose raid on a mob boss lead to a sequence of undesirable events. The action revolves around castle and jigsaw, a criminal who has just unleashed his cannibal brother.

It also revolves around castle’s mistake after he uses an undercover agent as shield, and has to deal with it, not to mention explain it to family, friends and colleagues.

This is a film that should literary arrest your attention.


The Spirit (2008)

The Spirit is quite a well put movie, with a storyline which has sharps twists in it. It is based on a guy who takes the role of the city’s hero owing to his love for it.

He stands against other villains like Octopus, who have other plans in mind for the city. This is a movie that you just have to see for yourself to understand.


Super (I) (2010)

This is a film from the comics, but one with a touching love story to is about a guy, Frank, who believes to have been ordained to become a superhero so as to not only save himself but the word too.

He takes on the task, making a costume and branding himself “the crimson bolt”. He gets a sidekick, a girl from the comic bookstore by the name of Libby, who in turn brands herself boltie.

It features really great action scenes, transitioning the viewer through the changes that come with new responsibilities, a love life gone sour and quite a silly scene where the girl, Boltie, rapes Frank, an action which devastates him. Quite an unusual scene, wouldn’t you agree?


Dredd (2012)

This is a film about a time when the police are tasked with the role of judge, jury and executioner, and the best in the force is Dredd.

It is acted in a setting that depicts the future the same way every film does, a world filled with big and mean looking machines and buildings. It is a chaotic world, and the judges have to clean it up. They are however stopped in their tracks by Dredd’s evil brother, who manages to get Dredd imprisoned too.

It is one film that will keep you on your toes, and one really made for the big screen.


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