I have been watching a lot of sports anime over the years and I am sharing my top 6 best sports anime list here. 

Top 6 Best Sports Anime


Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk is an old anime but still relevant and one of the best anime. Sakuragi Hanamichi has a record of being rejected by 50 girls when he was in middle school. His height, which is over two meters, and his bright red hair are responsible for this. One day he meets Haruko Akagi, who seems to like him. Just for the sake of impressing her, he says that he plays basketball. He starts playing the game and after some time, he comes to love the game completely. The jokes in the anime is also extremely funny.


The Prince of Tennis

This anime is considered the best when tennis is the game in question.This anime focuses on Echizen Ryoma, who has joined one of the top tennis schools in Japan. The primary goal of joining this school is that he would love to surpass his father who has won various awards and be considered a pro in tennis. The road to being the champion is not as easy as he thought it would be. He has to play great players and develop a unique style of play.


Hajime no Ippo

I find this anime quite inspiring. This anime has about 75 episodes. The story is excellent. Makunouchi Ippo, a high school student, is having problems socializing with others. This results in him not making any friends. He gets bullied by most students and he prefers to spend his free time with his mother where he feels safe. One day he meets Takamura, who is a young boxer trying to make it in this profession. This meeting marks the beginning of Ippo boxing endeavors. He develops a passion for this game and works hard towards being the best.


Ace of Diamond

A lot of anime fans always argue that this is the best anime ever. This is because of the inspirational story, which is based on a whole team. This anime features Eijun Sawamura, who is a pitcher and Kazuya Miyuki, a catcher. Both of them join an elite school, where they are included in the school team. The primary aim of the team is to get to the Koushien championship, and they will do this through determination and handwork.


Baby Steps

This anime is relatively new but has received popular "votes" from many fans. Just as the name suggest, it is all about learning through various stages. This anime includes Maruo Eiichirou, who is a first-year student who feels that he needs to exercise and hence the need to join a particular sport. He joins the tennis team and gets to love the game. He fully understands that for him to continue playing he has to improve his skill and he does this by making smart decisions, develop great work ethic and dedication.


Kuroko no Basket

A very popular anime in recent years. All characters have some sort of crazy power move or special move as they call it. This is definitely different from Slam Dunk. The story starts at Teiko Middle school, which was the home of one of the greatest basketball team. Five of the players on this team were considered superstars and loved by people. The team separates as different individuals joined high school. Tetsuya Kuroko who was the sixth member of the basketball team teams up with former teammate Taiga Kagami, and they plan to leave a similar record in this league.



Hoped you enjoyed the recommendations! Be sure to check some of them out!

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