Here are my top recommendations for Slice of Life anime. Please do let me know what you think of it!

Top 6 Best Slice of Life Anime Recommendations


Lucky Star

Lucky Star is an anime series created by Kagami Yoshimizu. The plot revolves around Konata Izumi and her friends. Konata is a smart and intelligent girl, however, she is extremely lazy. She spends most of her day playing video games and watching anime instead of doing her homework. The story will follow Konata and her friends named Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Miyuki Takara in their high school adventure.


Usagi Drop

Usagi Drop is an anime series created by Yumi Unita. The plot revolves around Daikichi Kawachi, a 30 year old bachelor and a 6 year old girl named Rin. Rin is the illegitimate daughter of Daikichi's deceased grandfather. Daikichi learns about Rin when he returns home to attend his grandfather's funeral. He found out that Rin was treated as an outcast by the rest of the family and decided to adopt her. Although Daikichi had no previous experience of raising a child, he was determined to raise Rin on his own.


Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu?

Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu? is an anime series written by Shoji Gatoh. The story follows Kaname Chidori and Sousuke Sagara, students of the Jindai High School. The plot revolves around their misadventures, mischief and Sousuke armor suit named Bonta-kun. Sousuke finds it hard to live like a normal teenager and always finds himself in trouble. However, Kaname got herself into some serious trouble this time and Sousuke must help her with his Bonta-kun.


Daily Lives of High School Boys

Daily Lives of High School Boys is an anime series created by Yasunobu Yamauchi. The story follows the daily endeavors of Hidenori Tabata, Yoshitake Tanaka and Tadakuni of Sanada North Boys High school. Hidenori Tabata is always plotting mischievous schemes and getting the group involved in them. Yoshitake Tanaka just follows Hidenori's plans and does what is asked. However, Tadakuni is a good guy and usually opposes Hidenori's mischievous ideas, although he ends up following them usually despite his disapproval. 



Hyouka is an anime series written by Honobu Yonezawa. The plot revolves around Houtarou Oreki, a student of Kamiyama High School. Houtarou has a determined personality and is always willing to do what is required of him. His sister convinces him to join the Classic Literature Club of Kamiyama High School to stop it from getting dissolved. There he meets other students named Chitanda Eru, Fukube Satoshi, and Ibara Mayaka. Together, they start investigating an old mystery case which happened 45 years ago. The hints of the mystery are hidden in a collection called Hyouka of the Literature Club.



K-On! is an anime series written by Reiko Yoshida.The plot follows high school student Hirasawa Yui and her friends. Together, they join the light music club of Sakuragaoka Girl's High School to try save it from getting disbanded. Hirasawa Yui had no previous experience of music, however, she eventually becomes a great guitar player. She kept the music club running with the help of bass player Mio Akiyama, drummer Ritsu Tainaka, and keyboardist Tsumugi Kotobuki. However, she needs to find a balance between her studies and music club.


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