Hello anime fans, today I am going to recommend 6 really good shoujo anime for you to watch in your leisure time. Enjoy!

Top 6 Best Shoujo Anime Recommendations


Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Being a council president is no easy task considering Seika High was once an all-boys school but later transitions to a co-ed school. The school has a bad reputation for being full of filthy and reckless students. Misaki Ayuzawa, who is not deterred by the fact that the female population is small, tries her best to make the school a safer place for girls. She becomes the glimpse of hope not only to her fellow females but also to her teachers. 

The male population have given her a nickname called “demon” dictator. Although she looks and acts tough, she secretly works at a maid café so that she can support her family. Accidentally, her secret is later learnt by Takumi Usui who is a popular male icon at the same school. Instead of publicizing her secret that could have potentially ruined her, he becomes her friend and perhaps her lover?


Kimi ni Todoke

Sawako Kuronuma is nicknamed Sadako for her likeness to the character from “The Ring”. She has always been misunderstood and feared because of her looks; circulating school rumors suggests that she can curse people and see ghosts. Nevertheless, despite her threatening looks, she is a timid and sweet girl who loves making friends and being liked by everyone. 

When a popular boy, Kazehaya, who is her idol, starts talking to her everything starts to change. Because of him, she meets and talks to new people and in the process made new friends. Although slowly, a love bond develops between them as they handle obstacles and circumstances together.


Fruits Basket

After Tohru Honda mother dies in a car crash, she starts living with her grandfather and later in a tent due to the cruelty of family members. She then moves from the tent and starts living with her "prince” Yuki Sohma along with his cousins Kyo and Shigure. Soon Tohru discovers the Yuki clan secrets after accidentally hugging him - the Zodiac curse is triggered after being hugged by opposite sex making one turn into a zodiac animal. She vows to protect the secret and continues to live with them. 


Lovely Complex

Otani and Risa are always made fun of as a comedy duo. Why? Otani is a boy whose height is lower than that of an average boy while Risa is a girl whose height is higher than that of an average girl. Their teacher also sees them as comedy pack because they are always bickering. As their friendship grows so does her feelings for Otani.


Ouran High School Host Club

A bright scholarship student, Haruhi Fujioka, has no title or rank to speak of and is the "odd one out". The school is an elite academy for students of rich families. When she opens the Music Room door anticipating to find a cool room to study, Fujioka suddenly enters the host club. The host club is led by Tamaki and whose other members include Mori, Haninozuka, Hitachiin, and Kyouya. 

It is a place where the handsome boys entertain the academy girls. Fujioka accidentally breaks a vase costing eight million yen. She is forced to become an errand girl to repay the debt...



Ryuuji Takasu’s eyes make him look like a menacing delinquent despite his gentle personality. On his following high school year, he is put together with Yusaku Kitamura who is his best pal and Minori Kushieda who he had a crush on after class re-arrangements. 

Along the two also comes Taiga Asisaka who is Kushieda's best buddy. Taiga might look sweet but she is quite a classic tsundere. Taiga and Ryuuji later then agree to help each other on their love issues.

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