Here are my favorite horror animes that I think you should watch. They are really good and some of them really give you nightmares if you watch them late at night...

Top 6 Best Horror Anime Recommendations


Higurashi When They Cry

Imagine a relaxing summer day with buddies, the enjoyable activities right after school and the sunshine as everybody laughs together. Everything is great in this rural town of Hinamizawa. That is, till some bizarre events start taking place around the town including murders and the lives of the friends become twisted into dark realities. Higurashi seems to be a normal school life anime which is proved to be wrong during every arc. These cheerful personalities soon become psychotic, twisted and start murdering each other in ferocious ways. It is the ideal horror anime for the fans, but is not meant for the faint-hearted since it is quite violent and also features some disturbing scenes of murder, torture, and bodily harm.


Elfen Lied

This anime is undoubtedly a masterpiece. In case you have not seen the show then it is among the most recommended since it is a genuine head spinner. Elfen Lied revolves around human beings and also mutant species identical to humans but possessing a couple of cat ears similar to horns as well as invisible arms that can pass through the air and even objects at a high speed. This series is actually centered on a girl named Lucy who happens to be the first mutant to be rejected by humans which causes her to start a murderous retaliation upon them.


Tokyo Ghoul

Next in our list of the top 6 best horror anime, mention should be made of Tokyo Ghoul. It is yet another wonderful horror anime to watch. The main character in this story happens to be Ken Kaneki who survives a battle with a female character who is revealed to be a ghoul afterward. These ghouls are actually creatures who resemble the human beings and they have a hunger for human flesh. 

As a matter of fact, they will hunt and consume anybody crossing their paths. Kaneki is wounded very seriously in the combat and is required to go to the hospital. After recovering, he discovers that he has transformed into a half-ghoul/half-human. Needing to consume human flesh for surviving he seeks the assistance from creatures like him who would teach him how to live as a ghoul, communicate with others in their society, and also the way to keep his identification a secret from the other human beings around him.


Parasite the Maxim

In case you have never witnessed a horror anime before or if you simply desire something new, then this particular anime is suitable for you. It is all about parasites attempting to conquer the world by infecting the humans and then consuming their prey. Above all, the action, plot as well as the dubstep soundtrack are all pretty amazing in this anime.



When Kouichi Sasakibara moves to a new school, he can feel something scary in the environment of his new class, a top secret none of them is going to talk about. At the center is the gorgeous girl Mei Misaki. Kouichi is instantly attracted to her mystical aura; however, he soon starts to understand that nobody else in the class is actually conscious of her existence.


Ghost Stories

This particular anime centers on Satsuki Miyanoshita. She has moved to the city with her mother who is now dead. Together with her brother and also several other classmates, they come across an abandoned school which is located near the school she goes to regularly. On top of that they discovered that the school was haunted. Satsuki soon finds out that her mom was actually involved in some kind of ghostly activity, and after this she finds a book which gives some info on how to exorcise the ghosts! Amanojaku, who is a demon, enters into Satsuki's cat and she must get assistance from the demon since the whole town is threatened by danger.

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