Harem anime has always been popular among anime fans. I have compiled a list of the best harem anime for you to watch. Keep in mind the list is in no particular order. You are also welcome to suggest more harem animes below if you feel that they should be on the list.

Top 6 Best Harem Anime Series Recommendations


High School DxD

High School DxD is a light novel series written by Ichiei Ishibumi. The story revolves around a guy named Issei Hyodo, a second year student at the Kuoh Academy. He is also a pervert and is considered as creepy by many at the Kuoh Academy. Issei was killed on his first date by a girl named Yuma Amano. However, he was revived as a devil by Rias Gremory to serve her and her devil clan, Occult Research Club.



Nisekoi is a romantic anime series written by Naoshi Komi. We follow two high school students in this story. Raku Ichijo, the son of a Yakuza family leader, and Chitoge Kirisaki, the daughter of a powerful gangster. Both of the gangs decided to settle their disputes by uniting their leader's children. Although Raku and Chitoge dislike each other, they must pretend to be in a relationship for the next few years to avoid any further bloodshed among the two rival gangs. However, that is a difficult task for Raku as he is in love with another girl named Kosaki Onodera.


To Love-Ru

To Love-Ru is an anime series written by Saki Hasemi. The central characters in this story are Rito Yuki, a high school student, and Lala, a princess from another planet named Deviluke. Lala falls in love with Rito and decides to marry him. However, Lala's father wants her to return to Deviluke so she can marry a candidate of his own choice. Commander Zastin was ordered to bring Lala back to Deviluke.


Demon King Daimao

Demon King Daimao is a light novel series written by Shotaro Mizuki. The story revolves around an orphan boy named Akuto Sai, an aspiring magician. He joins Constant Magical Academy to pursue his dreams of becoming a high priest for the benefit of society. After he joined the school, there was a prophecy that he would become the Demon King in the future. The prophecy terrified the other students and they became scared of him. However, the prophecy didn't change his humble and kind personality.


Nyan Koi!

Nyan Koi! is an anime series created by Sato Fujiwara. The plot follows Jyunpei Kousaka, a high school student who hates cats and is allergic to them. However, the girl he loves, Kaede Mizuno, is in love with cats. One day, he breaks a statue of a cat deity unintentionally. He was able to understand what cats are saying ever since that incident. Now he must fulfill a hundred wishes of the cats or he will be turned into a cat and die from his own allergy.


Date A Live

Date A Live is a light novel series written by Koshi Tachibana. The plot revolves around Shido Itsuka, an ordinary high school student. One day, Shido meets one of Spirits responsible for the spatial quakes which has killed more than 150 million people. The spirits are causing more destruction as more spatial quakes started occurring. There is only way to stop the Spirit's power, she must fall in love with Shido and kiss him.

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