Usually, psychopaths are represented as cruel serial killers, sadists, and criminals. The word "psychopath" makes most of us think about infamous serial murderers like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, or toxic CEOs and discreditable corrupt politicians.

For sure, there are decent reasons for that: psychopaths do commit mass crimes, ruin economies, steal, cheat, rape, lie, violate norms of social conduct, and do other creeping and horrifying things without any emotional response or compunction; they do these things just to entertain themselves or relieve boredom!

Even so, not all psychopaths are criminals and destructive for our society. In fact, psychopathic personality traits also have their good sides, and there are a lot of useful things we ordinary neurotypicals can learn from psychopaths. By understanding how psychopath's brain work we can not only improve our characters and make our lives better but also solve global or even eternal mankind problems.

Top 5 Good Things We Can Learn from Bad Psychopaths


Psychopaths Can't Give a Damn

Unlike ordinary people, psychopaths can't feel bad about themselves. At all! The lack of shame, guilt, and remorse makes them immune to other people's opinion. Psychopaths just don't care, and can't care about what people say or think. Even though psychopaths usually commit crimes, they never do that to take revenge on someone who verbally hurt or humiliate them. 

Plenty of times, different conflicts or even global wars occur because people take someone’s word/action way too serious. For that reason, learning how not to pay attention to other people’s opinion will help not only to regulate and decrease social pressure among people in daily life, but also help to solve ethical, political, and religious conflicts around the world.


Psychopaths Think Rationally

Psychopaths only think about themselves. Ideals, morals, and codes don't motivate them. Instead, they are always ready to violate those norms for their own benefits, if there is a chance of them not getting caught.

That's horrifying, but at the same time, there is a very positive fact about it: likely they will work hard enough to make fairy tales about building communism, exterminating "mongrel" races, or establishing Islam around the world come true.

Shallow emotions or the lack of them helps psychos think logically and pragmatically instead of emotionally. They aren't very gullible and can't get radicalized by any ideology. Without psychos, society would be dumber in general because they are immune to logical fallacies involving emotional manipulation.


Psychopaths Are Very Reward-Driven

Constant boredom – that's the feeling psychopaths experience all the time and they will do everything to fight it, especially if it's about money or power (Nothing can top them). They focus on the positive and try to reach their goals at any costs.

Psychopaths are their own masters, so they do what is O.K. for them to do, and nothing else bothers them. Psychopaths never hesitate or worry about their actions. Instead, they just go ahead and do things without asking themselves, "Should I do this or not?"

So many people can't leave their partners or change a job they are not satisfied with because of overwhelming worries about other people’s expectations. Therefore, this psychopathic trait is good for all of us to easily and powerfully move forward on our own terms to our goals.


Psychopaths Are Cool Under Pressure

Psychopaths are incredibly useful for humans, because they are quite persistent and can function normally, think clearly, and make right decisions in stressful and deadly situations; and ordinary people would just crack under half of that.

Their mental toughness and predatory brains help them to succeed in special professions. They are our surgeons, sappers, firefighters, soldiers, spies, and attorneys. It's impossible to imagine a successful surgeon who is way too sensitive to cut patients open to save them, a sapper with shaking hands who must defuse a bomb or an attorney who ran out of words to say because of overwhelming anxiety.

According to research, we procrastinate when we are in a bad mood. Bad emotions slow us down and make our productivity way worse. Psychopaths' unique ability to separate emotions from actions helps them to be more productive at their jobs and accomplish more.


Psychopaths Are Good Leaders

There is a disturbing link between psychopathy and leadership: their excellent verbal communicative skills, charisma, deceitfulness, ability to "read" and size people quickly and ruthlessness help them to manipulate people for their own benefits.

Psychopaths are "interspecies predators" who always seek for an easy target to manipulate and get as much from their victims as they can. Therefore, they usually attempt for jobs where they get as much control over people as possible. In fact, a lot of cult leaders, CEOs, and criminal gang leaders are psychopaths. For example, according to the foundational work about psychopath in the workplace called Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work, by Paul Babiak, Ph.D., and Robert Hare, Ph.D., published in 2006; the incidence of psychopathy among CEOs is approximately 3% which is way above the incidence of 1% in the general population.

Even though they are not always violent, their lack of empathy still makes them toxic and dangerous enough for people: psychos consider other human beings as things and use them as puppets for their own business. Nonetheless, their devastating lack of empathy in the right context can be very beneficial as they don't tie themselves emotionally with others. That ruthless streak is essential in business and helps them to succeed in expanding their organizations.


"Psychopath Up"

Thanks to the magic of neuroplasticity, everyone can grow "psychopath muscles" in their brains. It's like going to gym. British psychologist Kevin Dutton says that there are a lot of similarities between Buddhist monks and psychopaths. Their special techniques are similar to meditation which may help us to "psychopath up".

Because psychopathic personality traits, such as mental toughness, enormous self-esteem of narcissism and fearlessness in certain proportion is good for us all and even the entire world – it will make us mentally independent and free, make us more productive, help control over blind fanatics, and cure anxiety disorders.

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