Disney has been an expert at creating films and music for many years, which is why creating a list of the top 20 Disney movie songs is relatively difficult, but still possible as seen below. Spanning several generations, these songs are filled with meaning and purpose, both to those who listen to them and the characters who sing them.

Top 20 Disney Movie Songs


“When You Wish Upon a Star”

Movie: Pinocchio

Year: 1940

Performed by: Cliff Edwards

A true classic, this song hits at number one on our list of the top 20 Disney movie songs not only because of its nostalgia, but also because of its message. Wishing upon a star really can make some dreams come true, which kids love to hear.


“Bare Necessities”

Movie: The Jungle Book

Year: 1967

Performed by: Phil Harris

Hip and fun, it’s no wonder this song makes it into the list of the top 20 Disney movie songs. Helping us realize that sometimes we really do not need much extra, this song is the perfect life motto.


“Poor Unfortunate Souls”

Movie: The Little Mermaid

Year: 1989

Performed by: Pat Carroll

This evil song easily hits home as it shows how those who feel unfortunate consistently desire to have more. This song is popular because of how it is a turning point in the film, when Ariel realizes how unfortunate she feels to not be human.


“Part of Your World”

Movie: The Little Mermaid

Year: 1989

Performed by: Jodi Benson

Dealing with a life on the outside, Ariel expresses her desire to become a part of someone else’s world. This song gained its popularity to make it to the list of top 20 Disney songs for its message and moving performance.


“Beauty and the Beast”

Movie: Beauty and the Beast

Year: 1991

Performed by: Angela Lansbury

Another Oscar-winning performance easily lands this song in our list of the top 20 Disney movie songs because of its heartfelt emotion. It shows a mixture of love and compassion that simply cannot be rivaled.


“One Jump Ahead”

Movie: Aladdin

Year: 1992

Performed by: Brad Kane

Nothing gets you into the character of Aladdin like this song, which perfectly expresses his life so far. Literally showing him “one jump ahead” of the guards as he has to steal for his daily sustenance, it shows just how much of an orphan’s life he has had to live.


“A Whole New World”

Movie: The Lion King

Year: 1994

Performed by: Lea Salonga and Brad Kane

Winning an Oscar for the best original song in 1993, this song became popular because of its expression of newfound love mixed with adventure and excitement. Now a modern classic, it is a common choice for auditions.


“Be Prepared”

Movie: The Lion King

Year: 1994

Performed by: Jeremy Irons

Evil songs often get a bad reputation, but the music itself is often excellent, creating the perfect mix to send several chills down your spine. This song’s performance and accompanying dancing hyenas easily gained its popularity with its viewers.


“Colors of the Wind”

Movie: Pocahontas

Year: 1995

Performed by: Judy Kuhn

The message of this song rings true on many levels as it reminds everyone to understand each other before deciding to judge each other. Its Oscar-winning performance is still thought-provoking in our society today.


“Go the Distance”

Movie: Hercules

Year: 1997

Performed by: Roger Bart

A song of realization, this piece often goes under the radar despite being powerful. A young boy realizing just what he needs to do is definitely a good role model for young viewers.



Movie: Mulan

Year: 1998

Performed by: Lea Salonga

True to its title, this song hits home with the difference in what we see in ourselves, and what others see in us. Known as one of Disney’s rawest ballads, it still hits home over a decade later.


“A Girl Worth Fighting For”

Movie: Mulan

Year: 1998

Performed by: Harvey Fierstein, James Hong, Lea Salonga, Jerry Tondo and Matthew Wilder

Going to war is difficult for young men, but this song shows that having a girl back home worth fighting for can make all the difference. Fun and unique, this song definitely earns its spot in the top 20 Disney movie songs.


“I’ll Make a Man Out of You”

Movie: Mulan

Year: 1998

Performed by: Donny Osmund

When the going gets tough, it’s time to simply get down to business. Gaining popularity from the ease of singing along to it, this song also shows the growth of characters as they train for battle, showing just how well hard work can pay off.


“You’ll Be In My Heart”

Movie: Tarzan

Year: 1999

Performed by: Phil Collins

A heartfelt piece that shows the love a new mother has for an adopted son, this ballad will certainly pull at one’s heartstrings.


“Almost There”

Movie: Princess and the Frog

Year: 2009

Performed by: Anika Noni Rose

Even after years of working hard, Tiana is still just barely where she wants to be, which is perfectly expressed in this song of hard work and dreams.


“Dig a Little Deeper”

Movie: Princess and the Frog

Year: 2009

Performed by: Jenifer Lewis

Hitting along the same theme of needing to go the extra miles to accomplish your dream, this song also expresses the idea that you have to dig deep into your own thoughts and feelings in order to understand the world and people around you.


“I’ve Got a Dream”

Movie: Tangled

Year: 2010

Performed by: Zachary Levi, Mandy Moore, Brad Garrett and Jeffrey Tambor

True to the everlasting Disney themes, this song finishes out our last place in the list of top 20 Disney movie songs because it so effortlessly shows just what having a dream means, even if you are in the midst of a pub about to be attacked at any second.


“Mother Knows Best”

Movie: Tangled

Year: 2010

Performed by: Donna Murphy

When it comes to living life in secret, the mother should definitely know best expect when she’s an evil villain. Upbeat and sinister at the same time, this song is a consistent crowd pleaser.


“Let It Go”

Movie: Frozen

Year: 2013

Performed by: Idina Menzel

“Let It Go” has become one of the most popular songs across the ages within weeks of the movie’s premier. A song of release and freedom, “Let It Go” appeals to us because of its excellent melody, vocals and message.


“For the First Time in Forever”

Movie: Frozen

Year: 2013

Performed by: Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell

Showing the conflicting emotions of two sisters, this song sets the scene for the entire film. It gains popularity, however, from its raw joy.


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