When it is time to upgrade from the sweet endings of the classic children’s films, families may begin to look for scarier films, especially starter options. The following options are the right mix of kid-friendly with a little bit of scary. Check our choice of scary movies.

Top 10 Scary Movies for Tweens

These movies are in no particular order, but each is definitely worth watching with your tweens.

Corpse Bride

Considered suitable at age ten, this classic Tim Burton film shows how love can cross all boundaries, including death. Afraid of his future, the young man runs from the wedding, placing the ring on a corpse, only to discover that this corpse is now his bride. She comes out of her grave in all her skeleton glory, decaying wedding dress included, beckoning the young man to kiss his new bride.



While suitable for age twelve and above, if you or any in your family are afraid of spiders, you may need to find a different one. After taking one life in Venezuela, a deadly spider travels to North America to begin its takeover by creating a new species. Popping out of drains while in the shower or brushing your teeth, or even dropping down into your food, these spiders are not to be trifled with and are quickly becoming a huge problem.



One more perfect scary movies for tweens, the “Poltergeist” is a classic haunted house film. Scary even for some adults, it starts with a young girl hearing voices out of a TV, and soon escalates into disturbances that may drag the family into another dimension. While holding on for dear life, one jumps into the portal with a rope tied around her waist to find her way back, in hopes to solve the mystery of these disturbances once and for all.


The Monster Squad

With a mummy walking away from its tomb and hiding in a closet, a vampire coming out of hiding, werewolves attacking, and ghosts haunting, the monster squad is soon called upon to save a town when monsters that were once thought to never exist suddenly begin terrorizing the area. These tweens once seen as outcasts at their school must grow up suddenly as one type of monster after another leap out of the shadows toward them–or out of a sewage drain. 


The Watcher in the Woods

Young Karen is thought to be lost forever until her name appears engraved on the window of a home near the forest. A new young girl soon realizes that she is not quite as alone as she once thought, and sees Karen’s face in strange places. Then suddenly, one day, the watcher she so often feels attempts to drown her. Who is this strange watcher? Or is it a ghost? Is it Karen come back to haunt the woods, or someone else with an even deeper secret? Find out by yourself!



This could be one of scary movies for your tweens to watch, but as long as you watch it with them together, things won't go too wrong. Well... I hope so. In the story, there was a normal couple at one timewho had decorated their house to perfection until they were no longer living. Once dead, the couple’s house soon becomes the home to a new family. While the original couple attempts to scare them out, it only helps the new family become the main attraction of the town. Instead of succumbing to this fate, the dead couple turns to Beetlejuice in hopes to rid their home of anyone moving in once and for all.


Monster House

When DJ is left alone the night before Halloween, he notices that the house next door is actually a giant monster that eats everything that comes close to it, including children and dogs. When trapped inside the monster house, the kids must think quickly in order to get out alive. Fully functional with a tongue, tonsils and uvula, the monster house nearly eats the young children as they attempt to get out, while dodging many sudden cracks, crevices and movements of the house.


The Others

While waiting for her husband to return from World War II, Grace moves herself and her two children to an old family mansion located in Jersey. The children suffer from a disease which prevents them from ever being in direct sunlight, which soon becomes a problem when the mother must hire a group of servants. With these servants present, it becomes obvious the family home may be haunted and secrets are being unleashed, but Grace doesn’t know how to handle or how to explain to her two children. 



After being kicked out of their university positions, the three strange scientists begin employing themselves as Ghostbusters. Known to trap any type of ghost, spirit, poltergeist or haunt, they traverse the city, saving various houses and families until one day they discover a much larger problem: a dimension gateway. Now that there are known as the “Ghostbusters”, they are called upon to save the day from the impending evil. Is this another "good" scary movie for tweens? You'd better ask your children after they watching.



Most small towns are quiet and peaceful, but not the town that is seen in “Tremors.” Seemingly quiet rumblings begin to take lives one by one, they appear out of the ground, bursting forth without warning and consuming their victims just as quickly. Just like a worm, these monsters swallow their victims whole, even if it requires to swallow an entire car. Fortunately, a seismologist realizes these creatures are coming from underground and she must work to learn how to detect where they will surface in order to save her town. You'll surely love this one of scary movies for tweens.


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