These are the big screen characters that seem to have lots and lots of money to spare! For the top 10 movie millionaires, I' looking at good guys, bad guys, and even superheroes on the silver screen that’ve acquired or already possess great wealth. I'm excluding gangsters like Michael Corleone and people who have not yet become millionaires in the films in question, like Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network."

Part 1


Jay Gatsby

“The Great Gatsby” (1974; 2013)

No one symbolizes the glamor and excess of the Roaring ‘20s better than F. Scott Fitzgerald, except, perhaps, one of his best-known creations: the enigmatic Jay Gatsby. This fascinating and complex character, who found wealth through bootlegging during the Prohibition, uses his money for no less than a complete reinvention of himself. Gatsby also combines his millions with unshakeable determination, romantic obsession, and a willingness to do anything to get whatever, as well as whoever, he desires. It’s impossible to look away without wanting to know if he succeeds or not.


Bruce Wayne

“Batman” franchise (1989-)

Although the man behind Batman might still be able to fight crime and save the world from bad guys like the Joker without being extremely rich, he probably wouldn’t be able to have a cool car like the Batmobile to drive or have any fancy gadgets to use while doing so. Like all good superheroes, though, there’s much more to Bruce Wayne than money, a fancy car, and spandex. He doles out justice to avenge the murder of his parents, who were killed when he was young; proving he also has a strong moral compass, which he uses, despite his lack of superpowers, to implement his sense of justice.


Richie Rich

“Richie Rich” (1994)

Here’s a movie millionaire for the grade school set. Even though he’s the richest kid in the world and he can have anything that money can buy, all Richie really wants to do is to play and have friends his own age, just like any other kid. Due to his sheltered existence, his only friend is the Rich family butler, Herbert Cadbury. Despite this, the good guy mini mogul is impressively down-to-earth, and he uses his wealth to help people and make the world a better place. You couldn’t hate him if you tried.


Tony Stark

Marvel Cinematic Universe (2008-)

When you’re seriously injured, it can be a reason for panic, unless, of course, you happen to be a genius that owns a weapons manufacturing company like Stark Industries. In that case, you just build a customized suit of armor to ensure your survival. As an added bonus, the same suit of armor can be used to help its wearer become a superhero and keep the world safe. Unlike some other insanely wealthy superheroes, Tony Stark also has a busy love life and a few personal flaws that keep him entertaining and real.


Jordan Belfort

“The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013)

What’s more alarming than a fictional character that defrauds his company’s investors and spends his spare time, and his customers’ money, partying and doing drugs? A real person who does these things. This movie and its millionaire bad guy were based on a memoir by the real Jordan Belfort. And it doesn’t hurt that Leonardo DiCaprio, who was cast as Belfort, has proven expertise in playing real men with lots of money: in 2004, he portrayed the eccentric and extremely rich Howard Hughes in “The Aviator.” And both these roles earned him an Oscar nod for Best Actor. Though, y’know, he didn’t win.


Arthur Bach

“Arthur” (1981; 2011)

What he lacks in maturity, he more than makes up for in dollars. Much like Peter Pan, this wealthy character just doesn’t want to grow up, especially if growing up means he has to stop drinking to excess and get married to a woman he doesn’t love. But Arthur is expected to do both if he wants to receive his inheritance, which will enable him to keep his fortune and maintain his millionaire lifestyle. And he’s so much fun to watch that you can’t help but root for him – at least, as he is portrayed by Dudley Moore in the ‘80s version. 


 John Hammond

“Jurassic Park” (1993)

If you long to live during the days when dinosaurs walked the Earth, a lot of extra cash definitely comes in handy. Without ample funds to buy acreage on a tropical island and hire a team of the best genetic scientists, this eccentric bioengineering company CEO would never have been able to bring his park, and its cloned prehistoric inhabitants, to life. Hammond earns his place on this list by attempting to live out the fantasy of every kid who was ever crazy about dinosaurs, and as a billionaire who spared no expense along the way.


Charles Foster Kane

“Citizen Kane” (1941)

There is perhaps no character who better exemplifies the old saying that “money can’t buy happiness” than Kane. He’s had great wealth since his late childhood and earned even more money through his ownership of a newspaper. Kane’s money and control of the media have allowed him to attain political power and influence as well, but he’s still spent most of his life in misery. In every venture aside from the acquisition of wealth, success has eluded him, making his an unforgettable cautionary tale.


Oliver Warbucks

“Annie” (1982)

For any kid who ever wished he or she could be taken in and spoiled by a rich father figure, Daddy Warbucks represents a dream come true. This workaholic overcame a tragic childhood and persevered until he became a “zillionaire.” However, his focus on industry keeps him from having a family with his secretary, who fills the void by taking in the orphaned Annie. Warbucks eventually becomes captivated by the red-headed orphan and resolves to help her whenever she needs it, which is what has made him a popular “zillionaire” with movie fans.


Lex Luthor

“Superman” franchise (1978-)

Money may not be the root of all evil, but in the case of this bad guy, it certainly helps him in his efforts to achieve world domination and kill his nemesis - who is none other than the Man of Steel. This clever villain is interesting because of his dual nature: using his wealth to keep others from noticing his treacherous plans, Lex Luthor purchases the public’s approval by donating to charities and helping improve some aspects of life in the city of Metropolis. Interestingly, his money and schemes always seem to revolve around acquiring real estate – at least on the big screen.


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