The essential elements for a persuasive essay to be effective are based on how it is constructed and managed. Ideas may be very intelligent but wouldn’t count as an effective paper until and unless it has an appealing introduction, well structured middle paragraphs and a concrete conclusion. This article will guide you through the fundamental elements of a persuasive essay from the introduction till the end and hence, providing key tips to writing essays of this kind.

Three Key Tips to Writing Persuasive Essays

The Introduction

The first part of your essay is always the introduction paragraph. The argument of your essay is embedded in this paragraph. A well organized introduction right away makes the impression on your reader and must also include the proper background information concerning the paper’s issue. The writer must present the ideas to be discussed and other information that is related to the paper’s argument in this paragraph. A clear statement regarding your paper’s argument is the primary function of the introductory paragraph. Simply, your thesis is about this statement. It is not possible for the writer to present an effective argument if there is no thesis. 

However, your argument will be only approved at the expense of common regulation you must follow to present your argument. Your thesis statement should clarify this. A trick to building a thesis sentence is to answer the simple questions regarding ‘what’ and ‘how’ about the paper’s argument. Basically the ‘what’ is answered in reference to the argument of the paper. The ‘how’ is plainly an approach on the writer’s presentation. Provided below are the supportive questions to consider during the formulation of a thesis sentence.

  • What argument idea am I selling the reader to convince upon?

  • How exactly am I supposed to convince my argument to the reader?

After answering these questions, a single thesis statement should be blended from these answers or two sentences in case, needed.

For instance: You need to persuade your audience that the power of industry did not outline American foreign strategy during the fifteen years following 19th century, and you sketch your tactic by presenting the other aspects that were a lot more significant in determining the foreign policy of America. A single thesis sentence can be weaved from both of the above elements.

Foreign influence scare, national honor and modern ideas in regard to both development and foreign people manipulated the American foreign policy to a greater extent than the influence of industrial revolution.

This statement illustrates the ground you will stand on and builds up the constructive blueprint of your essay’s body.

The Body

The authentic development of your essay’s argument is enclosed in the body. Each paragraph of the body contains a unique proposal or compilation of associated ideas that sustain your essay’s argument. In each paragraphs of the body, one major feature of your essay’s thesis is concentrated upon, helps to take a stride toward convincing your reader to admit the validity of the argument. The writer should be aware of the structural organization of the body paragraphs as each one keeps pace with your argument.

An efficient body paragraph depends upon the first sentence structure of the paragraph, the topic statement. The topic sentence construction must be the initial step. This sentence holds up each body paragraph in the same manner the thesis statement represents your essay. It has primarily two main functions: introducing the paragraph content and the following step of your paper’s argument. Keeping pace with your argument is the main objective of the topic statement along with providing the description of the paragraph content.

In the above thesis example, it states that the foreign influence scare had a lot to manipulate the foreign policy of America that the industrial revolution did. Hence, the body paragraphs must contain the details on this content.

An example of the topic statement for the body paragraph containing the above issue:

American foreign influence scare was a major issue in the proceedings of the US during the Spanish-American War. Following body paragraphs may provide additional verification of the issue conferred in this paragraph.

Constructing your essay’s organization by exploiting your essay’s thesis and topic statements only is a fine technique to examine the strong point of your argument. This layout should be a consistent notion throughout your essay. It is important that every topic sentence must assist each other to validate your thesis sentence.

The Conclusion

The concluding paragraph always reaffirms the argument of the paper and restates in which manner you have sustained the argument in the paper’s body. However, a duplicate version of your introduction is not what your conclusion should be. Simply, a conclusion collectively draws the paragraphs and its details, and then illustrates the development of your paper’s argument. It is that the concluding paragraph should provide reasons why the reader made trouble to go through your paper. This makes your conclusion effective. Another major function of this paragraph is to convey fresh approach.

While drafting the conclusion some of the important ideas to take into consideration are:

  • Applications of the paper’s argument in real world.

  • The significance of writing your essay. Why is it?

  • The general questions and the possibilities of controversial issues. What are they?

  • Connotation of your paper’s argument.

Final Words

After finishing your essay, it is strongly recommended that you check and proofread. Everyone is prone to mistakes. Share your essay. Let others read and comment if you are trying to publish to a large audience. However, the description of construction and management provided in this article is not to be ignored. It is the essentials of a persuasive essay to be efficient. 

However, it is also strongly advised not to ignore your writer’s instinct. Writing is a creative and flowing process. There are no boundaries and shortcuts while you are writing. Consider writing as a discovery of idea and notion and allow this sense to direct you as you carve your essay.


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