Part of the celebrity job description is keeping up with your appearance, but no amount of money can stop the aging process in its tracks. Whereas many A-listers have been blessed with unnaturally good genes and gracefully accept new wrinkles and grays that may spring up, others have not been so fortunate.

We’ve compiled a list of the celebs who don’t look their age, and not in a good way. While some of these cases are due to poor lifestyle choices such as excessive drug and alcohol use and too much plastic surgery, others seem to be simply unlucky.

Part 1


Lindsay Lohan

This party girl used to be one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood, that is until her drug and alcohol abuse landed her in rehab (and jail). Now Lindsay has taken on the look of a middle-aged addict, and she’s only 28.


Brendan Fraser

The star of The Mummy franchise has since pretty much fallen off the face of the planet, and it’s pretty clear why…


Meg Ryan

The center of many a romantic comedy, Meg Ryan was once the most adorable and quirky blonde Hollywood had to offer. Unfortunately she has relied so heavily on plastic surgery that she’s almost unrecognizable.


Keith Richards

Rock and roll legends lead a hard life. Years of smoking and hard partying have left the once-handsome Rolling Stone looking decades older than his 71 years. He can still rock out pretty hard, though!


Macaulay Culkin

Is it just us, or is Macaulay Culkin beginning to look like a young Willem Defoe with a drug habit?


Lil Kim

What happened? Lil Kim has always taken risks when it comes to her appearance, but it seems she placed a bit too much trust in her plastic surgeon.


Jake Lloyd

Remember how precious little Anakin Skywalker was in Star Wars: Episode I? Well he’s not looking so adorable these days.


Mickey Rourke

The prominent (and devastatingly handsome) actor took a break from acting in the 90s to pursue a professional boxing career, one which left his gorgeous face battered to the point of needing several reconstructive surgeries. Though he’s finally gotten to the point of being recognizable again, he looks much older than his 62 years.


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