Today everyone likes to join the parties, either it is a marriage party or a birthday party, or any other parties. But there are some rules and regulations we have to follow in parties. If we don't follow the rules, then other people in parties may consider us as a fool.

Today I am going to tell you about the rules and regulations that we have to follow during office parties because in this kind of party, all the colleagues, including our boss, are present and one silly mistake can effect our career. So followings are the rules which we have to follow in office parties. 

Things You Should Not Do at Office Parties


Always think twice before expressing your views

If you express your views without thinking, then it may disappoint anyone in the party and you may get into trouble by your saying. In office parties, never try to speak anything about religion, cast or politics. These issues may put your career into trouble.

Also never try to tell about the problems you are facing in your office. Even if you have workload in office, in office parties, you have to show that you are happy and tension free.


Dress appropriately

You are not supposed to join office parties in the same cloth that you wear in office. You can wear party dress, but you have to take care that there should be no any images, tags or slogans that cause someone to feel upset. Also you have to take care that your dress is not showing too many of your body parts. 


Don't drink too much

Some people have a habit of drinking too much, but in case of office parties, you have to take care that you drink in limited level. Because drinking too much in office parties proves yourself as a fool and also you will become a part of gossiping among your colleagues. So if you want to drink, drink in a limited manner.


Behave yourself in an appropriate way

Sometimes your behavior may harass any of your colleague and you become accused of harassment. So in parties, if you are offering handshake or hug to anyone, then offer him/her in an appropriate manner. Other body gestures may harass the person in front of you and lead you in trouble.


Hold your drink in left hand

When you are drinking in office parties, never hold your drink in your right hand because each and every time you have to meet any person, it become awkward when the person next to you offers handshake and you switch your drink from right hand to left for handshake.


Always start eating after the host started and don't ask for more and more foods

In office parties, even your host tells to start eating, you have to wait that everyone is seated, including the host, and then you begin. Also at the time of eating, you have to maintain your eating behavior and you have not to ask for more foods even if you are feeling hungry. 

  • So at last I just want to say that if you want to create a good image between your colleague and boss you must have to follow above rules.

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