She's rich. She's beautiful. She's famous. But like all of us, Kourtney & Kim Take New York's Kimberly Noel Kardashian has her secrets — and they haven't gotten past us. Yet, the things listed below you may never not heard before.

Part 1

  • Kim always DVRs Forensic Files. "Forensic Files is my favorite show! I am fascinated with forensics, and this show really shows how crimes come to life and how forensics solve these crimes,” she raves on the truTV website.

  • Kim rarely drinks alcohol, but when she does, she enjoys White Russians.

  • Kim approved her own iPhone avatar, picking the image with the biggest butt.

  • 4. For breakfast, Kim usually drinks a banana-and-peanut butter protein smoothie, or eats scrambled egg whites with tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms.

  • But this Kardashian sister is not always so healthy: Kim has been known to splurge on deep-fried Oreos. Strange, but surely delicious.

  • After crashing her BMW as a teen, Kim got an after-school gig at Body, an L.A. boutique, to cover the repairs.

  • Kim was nominated for a Razzie Award for worst supporting actress in 2009's Disaster Movie.

  • Kim and Paris Hilton, her ex-best friend, go way back — the celebutantes went to preschool together!

  • Kim was a guest on Letterman in October 2009, the same night he announced the extortion plot involving a show intern he admitted he slept with.

  • Demi Moore once dissed Kim for using the word "pimpin'" in a tweet.

  • In September 2009, Kim had a major fashion catastrophe at the Emmys. The entire zipper on her Ina Soltani dress ripped, and it took her stylist 30 minutes to repair it!

  • Kim thinks she's kinda boring. In the November issue of W, she said, "I always knew that people assumed I was a Hollywood wild child dancing on tables, drunk at parties, shopping all day, out all night. But I know: What they think of me is not me. I'm probably way more boring than they think. I'm not a drinker, and when I'm up on the table dancing, it's for the picture. Then I sit right back down. I play into the perception of me, but it's not really me. And the show reveals that."

  • When she turned 14, her father briefly sent her to beauty school to learn about makeup and cosmetics.

  • Kim hearts eBay. Also in the November issue of W, she explained, "My eBay obsession started when I was 18. I've always been a big shopper, so I would go to a store and buy the same thing in five different colors. I would get over it quickly, and I'd sell whatever it was on eBay."

  • With over 5 million followers, Kim has one of the more valuable Twitter accounts out there. Armani paid her a reported $25,000 to tweet about their luxury brand, which resulted in 40,000 new visitors to the Armani website within 24 hours.


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