Magnets are very interesting substances found in the earth. You must already know that magnets attracts magnetic substances and repels same poles of each other. But do you know that what metals are magnetic, taking care of magnets, functions of magnet and how to magnetize metal.

Things to Remember After You Learn How to Magnetize Metal

Function of Magnet

If you are thinking that magnet attracts all metallic substances then you are wrong. A permanent magnet is found naturally in the ground but scientist has evolved new ideas to generate magnets as well as electro-magnets. The main function of magnet is to attract what metals are magnetic those have opposite dipole than a magnet. 

If there are no dipoles present in a Metal then it will not get attracted towards magnet and then no need to find answer of how to magnetize metal of such kind because you can’t. For example Silver and Gold are metals but they do not get attracted towards magnet.

How to Prepare Magnet at Home

Every kid likes to play with magnet because it is very amusing to see a substance attracting another substance without any thing visible between them. If you also want to know that how to make magnet at home for your kids, brothers or sisters then here are some easy methods to prepare one at your home.

Making Magnet from Small Metallic Substance

You can prepare homemade magnet by natural process of rubbing small metallic substance on metallic surface because permanent magnet is generally referred as magnet generator. This is very simple and primary method to show you that how to magnetize metal. For example as shown in the figure if the paper clips are rubbed against surface of a magnet then the paper clips also gets magnetic and it also starts attracting other smaller metals. 

You can prepare a magnet by this method only the metals those are magnetic in nature to know what metals are magnetic you should consider trying to attract them.


Making Electromagnet from a Battery

There is a property of current that when current flows in a spiral direction then it generates electro-magnetic field around the conductor from which it is flowing. The same principle can be used to prepare magnet from a battery. 

When current flows from a spiral copper wire then electro-magnetic field attracts other small metallic objects and it acts like electro-magnet. Now you know another way that shows you how to magnetize metal and how to make magnet with battery.


Making a Magnet Compass

You can easily find all the four directions i.e. east, west, north or south if you have a magnet with you. As you already know that how to make magnet now you use the same method first you first need to make long thin metal a magnet by rubbing it on the surface of any magnet. 

Then just suspend it free either with the help of smaller wood floating on water or with the help of very thin string. It’ll act like compass to show you direction.

Uses of Magnet in Daily Life

Magnets play a significant role in our daily life. We can’t imagine our life without magnets. Magnets have made our work very easy. After understanding the concept of how to magnetize metal we used them for manufacturing innovative things from electric bells to electric motors magnets have helped us in hassle free work. Following are the important areas where magnets are playing crucial role,

Electro-Magnetic Motors

The principle of Electric motors is based upon the electro-magnetic field generation due to passage of current through a conductor. This is based upon the concept of how to magnetize metal by electricity passage. These electromagnetic motors are either used to convert electric energy into mechanical energy or mechanical into electric. 

A shaft is prepared with help of coiling around and a magnet is placed between it so that when electricity is passed through the shaft it rotates with high speed.



In our day to day life computer plays most important role to make our work easy, neat and tidy. Every computer manufacturing company knows that how to magnetize metal and use the strength of magnetic field according to the need. A computer uses magnetic plates to store data into it. From a long time we used magnets to record music and other information through recorders and other means.



They work on the concept of changing electric energy into mechanical energy. When a charge is provided to magnetic plate, located adjacent to natural magnet, then it shakes with high speed and this whole vibration changes into sound.


Dumps and Scraps

Magnets are used to separate magnetic metals from dump and scraps so that it could be recycled. This process is used by many countries and magnets helped them to carry out these types of work. Because the sizes of such machines are too big and it is very hard to get such a big magnet so it becomes essential to know how to magnetize metal so that it can be used as magnet.


Electrical Bells

They work on same principle of attraction and repulsion of magnetic poles. When a person press button of bell then current flows through the coil of the bell which makes the coil act as magnet and attracts and repel magnetic metals those creates sound.


Maglev Trains

World’s fastest bullet trains Maglev trains are based upon the concept of magnetic repulsion of same poles of magnet. The track of trains are too long so it would be good to know that how to magnetize metal so that it would be used on tracks. Track of these trains are designed such that it repels the train due to which train stays above the track without touching it. This reduces friction and increases speed of the train.



It works on the phenomenon that earth has two poles and earth is also producing magnetic field every time from North Pole to South Pole. This is the reason if magnet is suspended freely in the air then its S Pole tends to move towards North Pole



If there were no magnets then we would have to use a door lock in refrigerator. Only magnets are the substances those has provided us to keep our refrigerator air tight closed by sticking to the magnetic metals of the fridge. The magnets are used at corners of every refrigerator so that it keeps doors closed.

How to Take Good Care of Magnets

Magnets are very easy to get break into further peaces and it is very important to take care of them so that they do not loss their magnetic property and we can use them forever. In our day to day life in home and at work we use small magnets those are not too much costly but there are many natural magnets those should be placed properly otherwise it may lead to a big loss. In order to preserve magnetic property of a magnet following two things should be considered,

Pack Them Properly

Magnets repel same poles of each other which make them to be very useful in many places. After you get knowledge about how to magnetize metal you should consider placing it properly. This property of natural magnet would be lost if they are not packed properly. 

For example if two magnets with are kept together with different poles adjoining then they would soon loss their magnetic property and they would not be magnet anymore. Two magnets should be packed with a gap of 1 inch between them and same poles should be in one direction.

Handle with Care

Permanent magnet if get broken into further parts then every parts become individual magnet and then it is impossible to rejoin them. This is the reason every magnet should be handled with care so that there would not be further breaking into small magnets.

Final Word


Magnets are very entertaining and useful substances found in the earth. We can also produce magnets in a huge quantity to complete our needs and wants if we know how to magnetize metal. 

It is very easy to make any electro-magnetic substance but a natural magnet can’t be found easily. Either they are formed in a factory or found naturally if you also have a natural magnate then you should take a very good care of it.


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