High school years is a transition time between teenage and adulthood. It prepares you for adult roles. It is a time of growth and also challenge. You look forward to your future life and start thinking about what you want for your future. While planning for your future as an adult, you need to realize that plans can always change. You won’t be bound by the decisions you make as a teenager for the rest of your life. This is the best time to think about your options regarding education and career. As you take this step in your life, here are some of the things to know about high school.

Things to Know About High School


It’s Okay to Lose Friends

You will definitely lose touch with your middle school friends. This is okay and it’s bound to happen in many stages of your adult life as well. All your friends won’t vanish suddenly, but you will notice that they won’t be so close to you as they once were. Your friends will get new friends and so will you. Life goes on.


Join a Club or a Sport Team

If you want to make friends effortlessly, join a sport team or a club. You don't need any special skills to get started. As long as you can participate in the activities of the club or sport, you do not have to be excellent at what you do. The important thing is you have something in common with people around you. This will form a basis for great friendships. 


Don’t Try Too Hard to Be Cool

“Try to be yourself” – you’ve probably heard this piece of advice a million times, but you’re probably wondering what it really means. It is simple – do not pretend to be someone else. Whatever personality you project, it should be authentic and not like you’re trying too hard to be someone else for the sake of fitting in.


Speak Up

Fight your own battles and be your own advocate. You can’t have your parents come in to fight your battles like they did in middle school. Whenever you don’t understand something, be bold enough to ask your teachers to clarify. Speak up when you feel someone is unfair to you. This is a vital step in your journey to adulthood.


Don’t Park in the Seniors’ Lot

Just like in the society, there’s a hierarchy in high school. Try not to mess around with the seniors, especially not with their parking spots. Seniors have their own turf and are usually able to get away with most stuff unlike juniors. They have earned those privileges by putting in their time. You’ll get to be a senior at some point too.


Avoid Pulling All-Nighters

In high school, it’s easy that all-nighters will become the norm for you. You get up early and work late into the night completing assignments. Do not make this a habit. Schedule everything so that you have enough time to sleep and complete your assignments.


All Your Grades Count

Your freshman grades matter. Most people forget that their freshman year grades boost their overall GPA a great deal. Do your best to get good grades. This is one of the most important things to know about high school.


Not Everyone Is Dating

There is a misconception in high school that everyone is dating. This is normally depicted in movies, books and TV shows. The truth is, you are unlikely to find a couple holding hands at every corner. There is simply too much to do in high school, so you barely have time for a serious relationship. You have to think about your grades, sports, friends and assignments. However, it doesn’t mean that dating in high school is a bad idea. Just do not invest too much time into a relationship that might not exist a few years from now.


Ask For Help

Your teachers are not your enemies. They actually want the best for you. Try your best to show them that you’re putting in effort and they’ll also do their bit to help you out. You can improve your grades by seeking your teachers for help.


Everyone Has His/Her Own Struggles

It’s easy to think that you’re always on the spotlight and that everyone is looking at you. This is not the case. Everyone is too busy dealing with their own struggles to worry about your shortcomings. Be yourself and don’t be too critical of yourself.


Prepare But Don’t Obsess Over the Standardized Test

You should start making preparations for the standardized test early enough to reduce the pressure of studying for the test. However, do not make it an obsession. Take time out to enjoy other activities such as games and clubs. This is one of the things to know about high school.


You’ll Change

In your journey through high school, you will discover things about yourself that you didn’t know. You might be a very shy person and end up to be confident and bold as a result of your experiences.

More Things to Know About High School


Everyone around you is as insecure and vulnerable as you. The loud and brash schoolmates are often the most vulnerable.


Your parents know what you’re up to even when you think you’re being sleek with them. They were in your shoes at some point.


You will fail at some point. It is part of the learning process. Just make sure that you have learnt your lessons.


The stuff you own doesn’t make you cool. You don’t need those expensive Juicy Couture sweat pants, so don’t give your parents a hard time about it.


Don’t keep your feelings to yourself. Let people know what you’re thinking or feeling.


Dream big. You never know just how much you can achieve.


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