If you happen to visit Washington and have a lot of time on hand, you will have a variety of activities to get involved in as well as places to see and enjoy. People of varied interests and budget can enjoy here to the fullest. Washington is also known as the Evergreen State and has lots of trees and green spaces. You can choose to visit the farmer’s market, try kayaking with killer whales or immerse yourself in art galleries as well as strolling through National Parks. With so many things to do in Washington State, you can sure enjoy the time.

Things to Do in Washington State


Get Active in Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier is very stunning and is a dominant part of the Seattle-Tacoma skyline. It looks so beautiful from the horizon that anyone would want to see it in person. The closer you get to Mount Rainier, the more magnificent it looks. There are four entrances to the National Park and each one has a spectacular view of the mountain. For people who are interested in hiking, there are different trails ranging from easy to difficult. A lot of companies provide travel assistance and tours to Mount Rainier as well. Around 2 million visitors come to this National Park every year. Lodging with wheelchair assistance is also available here.


Stroll Around the Riverfront Park in Spokane

Lilac city is home to the 100 acre Riverfront Park in downtown part of Spokane. It has been created due to the World’s fairs and expositions which has lot of community space and various unique structures. Riverfront Park came into existence after the 1974 exposition. You can experience the Spokane Falls Skyride, Looff Carrousel, amusement park and ice-skating rink. An amphitheater, fountains, gondola ride, floating stage are all part of the Riverfront park. You can visit some more attractions by paying an entry fee like IMAX theatre, Enchanted Forest Mini Golf, Ice Palace and a tour train, which has a 40 minute ride through the park.


Enjoy a Day at Coulee Corridor

If you want to spend your entire day at one location, this can be one of the places you can visit. It is a 150 mile Byway which runs from Othello to Omak with lots of places to stop in between. The entire route is very scenic and the landscape has got designed by the ice age floods. Geologists refer to this region as ‘channeled scablands’. The Coulee Corridor is a bird watcher’s delight with sighting of bald eagles, sandhill cranes, myriad ducks and hawks. The Grand Coulee Dam is nothing short of a man-made wonder, which has made irrigation possible in the arid desert. There are a lot of places to see here and guided tours are available as well.


Explore the Eco-Diverse Olympic National Park

The Olympic National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site and also an International Biosphere Reserve. One of the many things to do in Washington State is to explore the Olympic National Park. One gets to witness different ecosystems in this national park, which includes Alpine mountains, temperate rain forests and rugged ocean beaches. You can spend over 3 days if you want to check out all the various attractions in this National Park. You can choose to camp out here or stay in a lodge. This park has a Hoh Rain forest where you can get lost in the green wonderland. If you are interested, you can also check out the Sol Duc Hot Springs where you can relax and enjoy the nature.


Enjoy the Water Ways with Boat Rides

The country’s largest ferry system is present in Washington and it is one of the best modes of transport around the Puget Sound region. You can enjoy a stroll on the waterfront at Bainbridge Island and have delicious food as well. You can also explore the San Juan Islands or learn about the navy history in Bremerton. One can also witness whale watching by boarding a clipper vessel in Seattle. If you are interested in adventure activities, you should visit the town of Stehekin by riding the Lady of the Lake boat from Lake Chelan.


Learn About Washington’s Volcanoes

Washington has dormant volcanoes in the Cascade mountain ranges, the best one being mount St. Helens. In 1980, the top of Mount St. Helens blew off; however, there is no activity now. You can plan on activities like hiking, nature walks, camping and snowshoeing. The visitor’s center will also give more information regarding the volcanoes, the mountains and the crater. The wild flowers are scattered all over the meadows. If you happen to visit in winter, you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding here.


Salmon Viewing, Leaping Fishes and More

Fall is the best season for Salmon viewing when most species of the fish spawn. Washington is home to Pacific Salmon, Steelhead and Cutthroat trout. The Issaquah Salmon Hatchery is a good place to take the family, where you will get a chance to watch big fishes splashing in river. When they cram up to the ladder, people get a good view of the fishes. Cedar River gives an opportunity to watch Salmon spawning. Seattle’s Pike Place market will have all species of fish displayed on ice.


Live In the Native American Style

Living in the native American style is one of the things to do in Washington State which one shall not miss. The Yakama Nation RV Park is one of the best places to experience the Native American life. You will get to camp in a genuine teepee, with the modern benefits of Wi-Fi, heated outdoor pool, hot tub and sauna. You can learn about the Yakama people in the National Museum and cultural center. The archeological artifacts excavated from Makah village are also displayed. In the SeaFair Pow Wow in Seattle, you will be able to witness dancing, drumming and enjoy delicious food of traditional salmon.


Visit Seattle

Seattle has so much to see and offer, not just for the visitors but also the locals. It boasts of a lot of museums which are a wonderful place to hang out with the family. Some of the museums are Museum of History and Industry, the Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Asian Art Museum, the Pacific Science Center and the Olympic Sculpture Park. You can also check the Woodland Park Zoo, ride the Great Wheel and the Gasworks Park. If you want to go to the beach, you should visit the Alki beach. The Underground Tour will give details about history of Seattle.


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