Georgetown is located near the Potomac River and is considered one of Washington DC’s oldest neighborhoods. The town was originally named Town of George and became famous for being the home of many elite people like John F. Kennedy. The historic significance and presence of many affluent shops, cultural spots and restaurants have become the highlight of Georgetown these days. The cobblestone streets and the renovated 200 year-old homes in the town also add to its beauty. The town also has the prestigious Georgetown University as one of its main attractions. One can always find valuable things to do in Georgetown D.C.

Things to Do in Georgetown D.C.


Explore the Old Stone House

The Old Stone House was built in the year 1765 and is one of the oldest buildings in Washington DC that is still standing. It was built by a cabinetmaker by the name of Christopher Layman and was used as a residence/shop for much of its history until it was bought by the American government in 1953. Made from blue granite which was locally available, the old stone house is a truly historic site which allows you an insight into the lives of the ordinary American people.


Delve In History at the Dumbarton Oaks

Dumbarton Oaks is famous for hosting the meeting of World leaders in the year 1944 during which the charter of the United Nations was drawn. The place is also known for its beautifully designed gardens and a museum which has many historical artifacts on display that belong to the Byzantine and Pre-Columbian era. There is a research library also present in Dumbarton Oaks which is frequently visited by researchers from all over the world. There is no entry fee charged to get into the museum but you will have to pay an $8 fee for entering the gardens.


Roam Around the Waterfront

The Georgetown waterfront features a beautiful park by the name of Georgetown Waterfront Park. It is a beautiful and pleasant place to spend your free time where you can sit and enjoy the shade, all the while enjoying a nice view of the Potomac River. There are many outstanding restaurants located all around the waterfront which provide people the chance to enjoy their meals in a serene environment. The walkways that have been built alongside the waterfront are ideal for doing jogging and exercising. You can also use these walkways to take a stroll around the waterfront.


Take a Walking Tour of Georgetown

When it comes to things to do in Georgetown D.C., there are many historic churches located in Georgetown that you can see by taking a walking tour. Grab some lunch with you and roam around the streets of this town which has remained the home of many famous people in history. The old homes located in Georgetown are worth a watch and the best way to enjoy them is to take a stroll in the afternoon. The famous personalities whose homes are located in Georgetown include John F. Kennedy, the former President of the United States and Katherine Graham, Washington Post’s former publisher.


Visit the Georgetown University

The Georgetown University is one of the major attractions of the town. Founded in the year 1789, the Georgetown University is one of the oldest Roman Catholic University in the Unites States. The university is built over an area of about 100 acres and has almost 6,900 undergraduate students. The Georgetown University lies on the edge of the town. The Healy Hall is one of the most shining buildings of the University which was built in the year 1879. The University’s observatory is also very famous and one of its oldest buildings.


Go Around the C & O Canal

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal is also among the places in Georgetown that are worth a watch. The Georgetown Visitor Center is located on the way and is the place to go to find about the commerce and transportation history of Washington DC. You can also take a peek at the park rangers which displays things from the 1870s and provides you a chance to have a look at how life was in the city during its initial years.


Enjoy Eating at the Many Restaurants

One of the best things to do in Georgetown D.C. is to enjoy the food. Georgetown has a number of top restaurants and eateries which serve cuisine from all over the globe. You can get a chance to taste the best food in Georgetown from upscale restaurants or grab your lunch or dinner from the many causal eating spots that are located throughout the town. The eateries and restaurants that are located on the Georgetown waterfront are the place to be in the summer months where people can have their lunch or dinner on the outside.


Shop from the Boutiques and Antique Shops

Georgetown is one of the best places to shop as well. There are many boutiques present in the town which provide designer clothing to the people. The antique shops in the town are also very popular among the tourists as well as the local public which offer historical artifacts. The shopping area in Georgetown is located along the Wisconsin Avenue and M Street.


Enjoy Bicycling at the Capital Crescent Trail

Bicycling is also one of the things to do in Georgetown D.C. The 13-mile bike trail by the name of Capital Crescent Trail is the best place for people to enjoy bicycling. The trail that spans in between Georgetown and Silver Springs is laden with trees on both sides and offers cyclists a chance to enjoy cycling in a very serene environment. There are many vendors out there from where you can get bikes on rent.


Take Pleasure in Ice Skating at the Ice Rink

The Ice Rink located at the Washington Harbor is the largest outdoor ice skating venue. The ice rink is almost 11,800 square feet in size and offers people the chance to ice skate as much as they want. The winter season begins from November and lasts till February and is ideal for ice skating. For people that do not know how to skate, there are skating lessons available. The Ice Rink is sometimes used to organize parties and special events as well.


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