Frequently, the most common way of dating someone is spending time watching a good movie on a cinema house. Sometimes, it is very hard to pick up the best movie to watch on the first date. Whether you watch movies on cinemas or at home, you should know which movies are perfect to pick and which are the worst movies that you should not watch on a movie date. Below are the list of movie that are not appropriate for a date:

The Worst Movies for a Date


The Poughkeepsie Tapes

The movie is about an artificial documentary piece that features killing activities of a serial killer who left some copies of VHS tapes to puzzle and insult the police as they chase him. The movie showcases several killings of women that are hard to watch with your eyes wide open. It’s a bloody movie.


A Clockwork Orange

The movie A Clockwork Orange presents a story where the government tries some experiments that aim to reprogram and find hopes upon solving the growth of crimes that have become epidemic on the place. The movie showcases brutal activities which include various sexual abuses on women and human abuses on men. It is not a suitable movie for a romantic date.


The Woodsman

The Woodsman movie is a story starring Kevin Bacon together with his real-life wife, Kyra Sedgwick. The plot focuses on the character played by Bacon, who was a child molester returned home from prison for more than a decade. He wants to start a new life. The main reason Woodsman is not an ideal movie for a date is there are some unnecessary characteristics portrayed by Bacon that is not good to watch especially on a first date.



The Antichrist movie is one of the worst movies that do not suit for a movie date. The story is about a couple who tries to settle a new life over the woods to forget the death of their son. There are some scenes on the movie that are hard to keep your eyes open like cutting some private parts using scissors, a fox eating flesh and sexual scene with a dying child which are too undesirable on the eyes and the mind.



Oldboy movie features a story of a man who was kidnapped one night during the birth of his daughter. He was detained for 15 long years, and when given his chance, he finds a man who imprisoned him. The real thing on the movie that makes it not good for a movie date is the idea of a hidden father-daughter intimate relationship that is kept secret to keep their relationship.Megan is Missing


Megan Is Missing

Meagan is Missing is a movie that features two teenage girls who got involved with an internet predator which is also happening in real life cases. The movie contains some sensible scenarios where a girl was sexually abused, tortured, set inside a barrel and buried alive with her another friend. The brutal death of the girls will always be remembered if this movie will be watched on a date.



Murder-Set-Pieces is a movie that any woman would not handle a single minute to watch it. The story features a man who takes photos of several fashion talents and kills prostitutes at night. Although the film is not a true-to-life story, it is still not good to see a man killing many people without any sign of fear and guilt.



Martyrs is about a story of revenge featuring a girl who kills the people who tortured her that makes the start of a horrific story. The movie has several horrific scenarios which include skinning of teenage girls alive. It’s a brutal torturing way of young girls that are hard to forget after watching the movie.



Inside is a ridiculous movie featuring a stranger who gets inside a pregnant woman’s house and burst out her stomach and cut the baby. For a normal viewer, such scenarios are very hard to see.


The Human Centipede 2

The Human Centipede 2 is a weird movie featuring 12 people that are sewed from mouth to anus. It is not the usual type of movie that a normal person would love to watch on a date.


Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust features a story of cannibalism on a certain place. It is the focus on a university professor returns alive from his rescue mission from the Amazon rainforest bringing with him a footage shot of the lost documentarians who go to the Amazon Forest to make a film about the place’s cannibal tribes. It is not good to watch the movie as there are ridiculous scenarios involving some slaughtering on both animals and human that seemed so brutal. There is no movie magic involved in the killing of animals that makes it hard to watch.



Salo is a movie that features a story of 18 teenagers who were kidnapped and tortured on a very worst way for 4 months long. There are scenes on the movie that are very hard to watch. The movie features brutality in a sense that it is not a normal behavior of an individual to do such kind of torturing activities.


August Underground

August Underground is not a scripted story. It is a real video taken by two serial killers that feature their killing activities. The opening scenario involves a woman with her nipple cut off which is ridiculous to see such brutal thing.


A Serbian Film

A Serbian Film is a rated X movie that features a man who kills women using his erection. It is a kind of weird story, and it involves pornographic scenes that may not be suitable for a movie date. It is a disgusting movie that portrays sex and gore in a very unusual way that is mixed up with the brutality.



When planning a first date on a movie house, it is more convenient to watch a love story than watching terrible movies like the movies being featured above. If you don’t want your date to walk-out, make sure your movie choice is ideal.


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