You can call their lines worst, but honestly, they sound funny instead of thinking their lines are worst. There have been several movies with great casts but has a lot of mistaken line readings that are not really included on the script. Sometimes, the actors and actresses with lack presence of mind, misunderstood some line and deliver it differently that usually comes out worst, yet funny to hear line. Well, no such perfect film is ever produced without a single mistake. Meanwhile, below are some of the most common mistaken line readings that truly sound funny:


“Disappointed” By Hercules

Hercules must be thinking something else and it is so disappointing to know that he lacks presence of mind. Yes. Hercules is out of the nowhere when he delivers his line saying “DISAPPOINTED!” the line don’t actually appear on the script but he mistakenly deliver a different script which is coming from the other film. Good thing Mr. Sorbo doesn’t come out annoying, yet he’s funny at that.


“All Of Them! By Arnold Schwarzenegger In Hercules In New York

Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes very popular in his movie Hercules in New York. If you haven’t known yet, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Austrian accent makes his English too bad to hear. It took many years before its DVD copies were released and guess what? His voice was totally dubbed on the movie. Well, his voice might be very bad or worst perhaps. The fact that he has that bad English, he deliver the “All of them” line not in the natural way. Instead, he delivered it like this: “AAAAAAALLLLL OOOFF THEEEEEEEEM!”


Nicolas Cage In The Wicker Man

A scene in Wicker Man with Nicolas Cage becomes very popular because of his funny line. It is not just funny. It is seriously funny and anyone who could watch him with that scene will definitely laugh out loud. This is the line that he deliver out of script:

“Oh, no! No! Not the bees! Not the bees! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Oh! They’re in my eyes! My eyes! Aaaaaahhhhhhhh! Aaaaahhhhhhhh!”

It seems like Nicolas Cage can’t stop the bees and you can’t stop laughing as well!


“Oh God, Oh Man” By Ryan O’Neal In Tough Guys Don’t Dance

Unlike any other mistaken role, I don’t know if you’ll find Ryan O’Neal’s line funny. O’Neal has delivered this line in the wrong way. I mean, in the worst way.

“Oh man… oh God… oh man… oh God… oh man… oh God… oh man… oh God… oh man… oh God… oh man… oh God… oh man!”

O’Neal supposed to deliver the line as a response upon reading the letter finding out that his wife got an affair. It is supposed to be “Oh God… Oh man…,” but he delivered the line repeatedly over and over again as the camera spins.


“Oh My Goooooooooooooooood” In Troll 2

There are lots of terrible line readings that usually involve the words "Oh my God" and you should watch how this line gets worst in the movie, Troll 2. There are some characters that deliver their lines in a song-like manner. Instead of saying “Oh my God,” the line was delivered “Oh my Goooooooooooood”. It appears to be funny sometimes.


The Worst And Best Line In Happy Gilmore

Isn’t it funny to hear that the worst and best lines are now made into games on several kiddie schools? Well, that’s happening today. You might hear a parent asking kids o a certain contest to say a line from Adam Sandler Movie. Well, it’s not the only movie with worst lines. If you are going to dig deeper, you will find some major movies with worst lines that you never expect.


“You See? You See?! Your Stupid Minds! Stupid! STUPID!” From Plan 9 From Outer Space

If you don’t want to hear a crap line, do not watch Mortal Combat: Annihilation. Instead, find another movie you think you will like. Sometimes, mistaken line readings are irritating and some could make the movie the worst movie ever. However, there are instances that when a movie was turned worst, it becomes the most watched movie in cinemas. Just like Plan 9 from Outer Space. It could be the worst film ever made, but because it is the worst, it is the mostly watch movie that becomes famous it an alien line regarding stupidity of the human race, “You see? You see?! Your stupid minds! Stupid! STUPID!”


Shark Attack 3 “Take You Home And Eat Your Pussy”

In the movie, Shark Attack 3, the line “Take you home and eat your pussy” is a ridiculous line. On the other hand, it sounds a little funny. Well, this line is just isn’t so bad. Some people say such line especially when they are wired.


“I Did Not Hit Her” From The Room

There are lots of ridiculous lines that you can spot out from The Room. One of the most popular mistaken line reading is “I did not hit her.” Well, the movie can be posted as a whole if only Copyright laws do not exist. Their mistaken line readings are very entertaining.


“I Am An F… B…. I. Agent!” By Keanu Reeves In Point Break (1991)

Everybody idolizes Keanu Reeves. He is one of the most prominent actors that have gone through several box office hit. Reeves is also known with his great acting performance on various types of movies, but did you know that Keanu Reeves also has a lot of mistaken line readings that his fans might not know. One of the most popular mistaken lines delivered by Keanu Reeves is “I am an F… B…. I. agent!” from his movie, Point Break (1991). Despite that line, he is still a good actor that marks several iconic characters over the global movie industry.


“I Was Possessed By A Demon. Oh, It’s Okay. He’s Gone.” By Linda Blair – Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977)

This line is just ridiculous. Linda Blair delivers this line with a smile on her face. Is she happy?


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