Tom Cruise is no doubt a legendary actor who has done great movies and have knockout the international movie industry for decades. Being a very talented, good-looking and diligent actor, Cruise was able to produce several great hit movies while balancing a number of franchises at the same time including “Mission: Impossible,” “Magnolia, Eyes Wide Shut,” and “Tropic Thunder.”

Tom Cruise has reached the top of his career and has carved his name as one big success in Hollywood movie history. Everybody admire his talents. Most directors and producers would always want to work with him on many projects. With extreme acting and action performance, most of his movies are highly valued and below are the six greatest movie hits of Tom Cruise that marks big success in the industry.

The Greatest Tom Cruise Box Office Hit Movies of All Time


Risky Business

Tom Cruise has his own way of performing at his best that draws out strong magnetism on the global audience. He has gone through various movie themes that include event films, disaster films, action films, Science and Fiction Epics and more. His movies are well-adapted and carefully engineered making him a totally great movie figure on both classic and modern movies.

One of its early movies that hit the crowd is “Risky Business.” It is a sort of classic black comedy with a mix of stupid grounds. It tells a story of a senior high school student who makes their own house like a brothel while his parents were out. The movie was directed by a first-time director and script writer. Despite the first time, the movie impressively went to a big success. Good thing Tom Cruise did a good job on his performance that amuses the world of comedy. Perhaps, nobody would think that Cruise is capable of handling comedy roles. He truly has a flexible talent. The movie is not Tom Cruise’s highest movie earner, but the humor he portrays on the movie has great impact on the global audience that makes the movie well-admired and loved.



Magnolia, a film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, is one of Tom Cruise’ greatest hit movies that lead him to have his third and most recent Academy Award nomination for best performance. Cruise was nominated along with Michael Cane. Though he was not able to take home the trophy, the whole world recognizes his performance, which Oscar failed to realize and made a big mistake from not choosing Cruise. Blazing with great charm and emotion, Tom Cruise has captured the hearts of the people through the movie making him highly anticipated. The movie brings him great success on top of his career.

Tom Cruise’s acting career is highly memorable as he played several iconic characters that are hard to forget. Though he is known as a good performer, he finds his role in Magnolia very challenging. However, despite that challenging role, he succeeded it excellently. Watching the movie could make someone stand up and give applause for a very wonderful performance.


A Few Good Men

While Tom Cruise is at the midpoint of his career, he was like standing on a crossroads and undecided to which path to choose to become the next man to stand with great success in the movie industry. It was 1992 when he had done several blockbuster projects including Top Gun, Born on the Fourth of July, Rain Man and more. When he was doing “A Few Good Men” movie, the audience appreciates his presence on the movie portraying a different character where he looks elegantly cool, confident and nerve-rattling like a man inside a courtroom. His character is a lot different from his past movies. Taking a big change on his role leads him into a great success that marks him with the best image as a very flexible character. He made it to where he wanted to step into. “A Few Good Men” bring him great success that anyone may never expect. Playing the role of Lt. Daniel Kaffee perfectly fits on him. He acquires several awards while pleasing the audience at the same time. No wonder his movie became a box office hit



Another movie that also boosts Tom Cruise’s career is Collateral. Everybody put all their hands down on him for his outstanding performance on an action movie. He plays the role of Vincent who stays in Los Angeles for a sort of killing job, a murderer. He performs well on the movie in a rare way. He kills people in a comedic way that made the audience loved him more than his previous movies.


Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher is one of Tom Cruise‘s best action movies that impresses the whole world. In the movie, he plays the role of a man that seemed like heaven sent or a knight that could shut down all bad guys around. His actions stunts are impressive with all the oh-so-wow effect on the audience. Just as how superhero works, he got a smart and strong character on the movie that made all viewers keep an eye and get hooked on it. Well, there could be a lot of talents who can do great action movies and Tom Cruise is just one perfect creation to do the job.


Edge of Tomorrow

For some directors and producers, there could be no other actor better than Tom Cruise to do hard core actions on a movie filled with substance, thrill, clashes and character. Edge of Tomorrow is one of Tom Cruise’s movies that made him an ultimate action hero on screen. Cruise plays the character of a fighter on exoskeleton robotic equipped with modern weaponry on a mission of stopping an alien force that invades the human race. His character on the movie comes with a cool personality with that melting smile. Tom Cruise played the role with a perfect blend of attitude. He mixed up action scenes humor that makes him not a dull character for an action-packed movie. The film brought out the original tagline, “Live. Die. Repeat.”


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