If you follow the HBO original series, The Wire, you may have seen its tenth episode in the Season 1 that goes by the name of "The Cost". Aired on August 11, 2002, David Simon wrote this episode with inspiration taken from a story by Ed Burns and David Simon. Brad Anderson directed this episode. The episode was something special because in a season, one of main characters, Bubbles, clean for a couple of days, sits on a bench and meets an NA sponsor, Walon, who tells him to catch the bug and infect his girlfriend. Many people love the episode but some kept wondering about the Bug in The Wire. Did you know exactly what The Wire The Bug mean? Keep reading to find out more about the Bug as well as this fantastic HBO series.

What Does the Bug Mean on the Wire?

Many people don't know much about The Bug. The Wire doesn't explain it much either. It wasn't that tricky though because the character was referring to a sexually transmitted disease, which usually has something to do with HIV or AIDS. The term became quite popular later and was used to describe a variety of sexually transmitted diseases, but is most often used to describe the big one – AIDS.

Facts About Bugchasing

You may have already understood what "The Bug" actually means, but you may still be wondering what people mean when they say "Bugchasing". It's actually the practice of looking for new sexual partners with "The Bug" – or in simple words, it's about getting into a sexual relationship with HIV-positive individuals to contract HIV. It is actually a way of hurting oneself. Many people around the world are involved in this self-harm practice and are referred to as bugchasers.

These bugchasers are always on the lookout for sexual partners who may have contracted HIV. They then choose to have unprotected sex with these HIV-positive people to become HIV positive themselves. On the other hand, there are people who know they are HIV-positive and they also know the intentions of "bugchasers". They sometimes complete with those bugchasers' efforts and help them become infected. These HIV-positive people then become "giftgivers".

Bugchasers go down this dark alley for many different reasons. Some of them don't actively wish to contract HIV, but they like to be adventurous and love the thrill involved in having sex with someone who is HIV-positive. There are others who believe bugchasing is super erotic – they think they are actually doing the ultimate taboo by becoming infected with something that others cannot even imagine. It's definitely the most extreme sex act out there. And of course, some people take it as a form of suicide.

Introduction About the Wire

Directed by David Simon, The Wire is an American crime drama TV series, set in and around Baltimore, Maryland and spins a connective web of amazing characters and delivers open commentary on some of America's most unsettling societal problems. The premium cable network HBO broadcasted its first season on June 2, 2002 – the series ended in 2008 with 60 episodes and five seasons.

Each season of the Wire tackles a different issue and introduces a new institution in the city of Baltimore. The list includes the seaport system, the illegal drug trade, the school system, the city government and bureaucracy, and the print news media. Even though the case consists of character actors, they still manage to do complete justice to their roles. Their great active skills grabbed viewers' attention right from the first season, especially the last episode of the first season, The Cost, which created the popular notion "The Bug The Wire". Something that really helped make it popular was the character of "Bubbles" that was based on a real Baltimore drug addict who later turned into a police informant. Moreover, the director used real-life politicians, police officers, and former criminals to play some of the minor characters and made it an even more attractive series for the viewers.


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