Looking out for a great Bluetooth speaker for the year ahead? Well, here are some of the things you should consider before purchasing.

The Bests to Look for in Bluetooth Speakers



Old phones use a different version of Bluetooth than newer phones. You should contact your phone’s manufacturer regarding your speaker’s compatibility to your phone. You should also look at your phone to determine which speakers will work best with your smartphone. Nowadays, most Bluetooth speakers are compatible with almost all phones.

- Microchip Used

This may be a little technical, but you need to ensure the microchip within your speaker is made by the OVC or CSR companies. These two companies have the most Bluetooth speaker sales. This information should be on the product’s packaging. If not, contact the manufacturer.

- Transmission Distance

The operation range does not vary much when it comes to speakers. Most have a range of 33 feet. Usually, you can walk 10 to 15 feet without experiencing interruptions. However, if you move past that distance you will get hiccups. Consider investing in a robust headset like Plantronics Savi 440, which has a higher range and enhanced sound quality.

- Bluetooth Speaker Edition

Like any forms of technology, there are several editions or versions of Bluetooth. There are 5 different Bluetooth editions. To ensure you have the right set of speakers, ensure your speaker has a mainstream Bluetooth version of 2.0 or higher. The 4.0 is the most advanced and latest model according to this piece on the best Bluetooth speaker from Bestseekers.com.

- Battery Life

It’s said that if you don’t want to charge your battery, go large. Bluetooth speakers need a considerable amount of power and their battery life is important. That means it’s important to have a Lithium Polymer Battery. These batteries last longer, giving you extended play time and a longer service life. They are also relatively safe since they can’t explode.

- Weight and Comfortability

This involves your personal preferences. Some speakers use rubber ear buds which some users find uncomfortable. Others are designed to sit on the edge of the ear, and some hook on the ear itself. One should seek a speaker that is relatively light and comfortable.


Price, Sound Clarity and Quality

Of course, the price is determinant. A cheap Bluetooth speaker may be tempting, but you may find many imperfections in the unit in the long run. Always look for speakers from the top Bluetooth speaker manufacturers, despite their price. This is because most manufacturers offer a guarantee and warranty for their products.

- Stereo Vs. Mono Sound

Many headsets and Bluetooth speakers offer mono sound. If you want the best sound, consider choosing stereo-type speakers that offer great sound and convenience.

- Noise Cancellation

This is a new speaker feature, which enables the unit to reduce noise using adaptive DSP algorithms. These speakers detect environments and adapt them, ensuring the best sound quality. Therefore, when you buy Bluetooth speakers, ensure you’re well informed.

You want a high-quality sound that is either too silent or too loud. This is the right level with a minimum transmission distraction. Different Bluetooth speaker manufacturers have various algorithms to provide the best sounds. You should always consider the best sound speaker quality.


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