While watching a movie, an image usually flashes in a second leaving us wondering whether we have really seen it. This opt us to wait till the next time it will appear for us to pause it using the remote. These are those instants where you click the button on the gadget like it is on fire. A British subscription movie site LOVEFiLM which is a European version of Netflix collected votes for the top ten most paused film scenes from their approximately 1.6 million subscribers. Here are the mainly top 10 paused movie scenes.

The 10 Most Paused Movie Instants


Sharon Stone While Crossing Her Legs in Basic Instinct

In the movie Basic Instinct which is an erotic thriller by Paul Verhoeven, Sharon Stone became a super star with her character as Catherine Tramell who seduces Michael Douglas by exposing her intimate parts of her body. The movie scene has attracted many including young people who have watched. This has inspired diverse references as well as young male libidos.


Jennifer Lopez Naked Rear in The Back-Up Plan

Jennifer Lopez has been famous for being a singer, dancer, judge and actress. Moreover, she is known best for her butt. This has caused many of her fans to have an urge to have a glance of the thing that makes her renowned. In the film The Back-Up Plan released in the year 2010, viewers have a concise glance of her money maker. The glimpse is rare as it is in all its glory thus a clear sight to all who longed for its view.


Storm Trooper Hits His Head in Star Wars – Episode IV – A New Hope

Fans of Star Wars are very familiar to this clip. George Lucas is eminently involved in the mistake of his head bumping on a Death Star. The scene is not easily noticeable upon watching the movie the first time. However, after seeing the scene it becomes a center of interest. It is an amusing moment though it is much hilarious as a clip. This is very interesting as it is something that is not expected by the viewers. Therefore becomes exciting to keep stand still.


Flash of Jamie Lee Curtis in Trading Places

Jamie Lee Curtis the Scream star well known for her beauty was viewed topless by her audiences in the movie Trading Places. The Scream a film produced in 1996 which she featured in had a well known quote which described the star as; a virgin in horror movies who did not show her tits until Trading Places film in 1983 where she went legits. This is due to the fact that her fans always had a different perspective of her.


Jessica Rabbit Becoming a Commando in Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The animated character of Kathleen Turner is viewed as one of the most sexualized of all time. It is associated with ample indicative visuals as well as dialogue. However, the most suggestive part is the scene where it is clear that she has no inner wear. This is some kind of weird as many animated films are known to bring humor.


Brad Pitt Flashing Behind Physician in Hospital in Fight Club

The movie Fight Club based on the novel written by Chuck Palahniuk is directed by David Fincher has a variety of moments worthy to pause. Quite a number of the instants are obviously to be paused unlike others. One of the evident scenes is when Brad Pitt flashes in the hospital. This moment is very popular to ladies as there is a view of the butt of their favorite character.


The Shield of Captain America Appearing on The Desk in Iron Man

The inclusion of the shield of Captain America in Iron Man 2 was indeed thrilling though very subtle.It all makes sense when later it is revealed that Howard the father of Tony assisted in building of the Cap. This is one of the first numerous Easter Eggs connecting the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Jon Favreau. This brings a link between the Captain America movie and Iron Man 2010.


Dust Spells Out S.F.X in The Lion King

This clip from the Academy Award-winning film from Disney was one of the earliest viral moments before YouTube. Animators from Disney were well known for inserting hidden messages. This one which sounds like the statement “Sex” became a center of discussion. However, it is not easily noticeable.


Pacman Cameo in Tron

In the year 1982, Home video games were very super popular. Tron, a visually stunning film with characters favorite to many was viewed on screen. This came as a shock to many viewers because they were not used to this. The fact that it was a long time ago made it a big surprise to majority.


Nicole Kidman Rear-End a Second View in Eyes Wide Shut

In most cases, nude women are at all times a moment worthy to pause. In this instant in the final film of Stanley Kubrick is one of the most paused. Both Cruise and Kidman went out for a film with a lot of nakedness. Both went out to get the master filmmaker thus becoming exciting. The clip became popular as the nudity is in many scenes thus luring you to continuously watch it the first and second time. Nicole a favorite character to some exposes her rear-end thus prompting you to pause quite a number of times.

It is clear that four of the ten most paused instants are where there is female nudity. If you weird and include the Jessica Rabbit it becomes five. This is not surprising as there is also the clip revealingBrad Pitt butt. It is surprising that the well known Storm Trooper banging his head scene is under the top most paused clips. This is because for you to enjoy you have to view it in high speed. It is surprising that the scenes in The Back-Up Plan and Iron Man 2 have so many audiences in such a short time. Do you have any instants that you still pause no matter what?


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