No other artist has pulled it off quite like Taylor with butt-kicking breakup songs. Taylor Swift has a knack for singing about the hard times and the good, and about all the phases of a breakup. She has dated and had relations with some of Hollywood’s hottest guys and through her own failed relationships, she has written some awesome hits. Chart toppers we can all relate to. Taylor Swift writes plenty of breakup songs, and here are 10 to get you through the grieving, confusion, lies, cheating, or whatever you are going through from your recent breakup.

Top 10 Taylor Swift Breakup Songs


The Story of Us

Let’s start with a slightly upbeat song that focuses on while things may hurt, the important thing is to move on to the next chapter. Taylor tries to figure out what’s happened as she takes us through her romantic affair while it spirals to an end. It’s a fun song with a punch of strength that is definitely needed through any breakup.


White Horse

Taylor softens us and calls us all out to feel her pain while she hits home with reality. Listeners can really put themselves in her shoes as she takes us through this beautiful melodic tune of sadness. She realizes he isn’t her Prince Charming and it’s time for her to see that fairytales are just tales, not reality. We feel her pain, and sometimes, this is all you need to find strength when you are in that sad place.


Begin Again

Taylor Swift breakup songs are definitely some of her best work. And Begin Again softly strums our pain with the hope of starting over. Taylor reminds us that we shouldn’t lose ourselves because we can find a new partner who will accept us exactly as who we are.


Picture to Burn

Here we get to enjoy Taylor’s classic country edge as she jams out while moving on from a broken heart. When we have a good day through a breakup and we are ready to start putting the past behind us, this song will certainly uplift us and give the boost we need to push through. She chronicles the end of a relationship and proudly chants that she’s so over him and is going to burn the pain away.



This lovely collaboration with Colbie Caillat gifts us the voice of two angles and the breakup therapy we need for sad days. Taylor sings through the early moments of a breakup and tells it’s time to learn to breathe again on your own.


Forever and Always

When you just feel like belting out a tune and screaming from the top of your lungs, this song will definitely do the trick. Taylor Swift breakup songs are perfect to sing along when you are working through your own pain. In this song, the words hit close to home, as we try to cope with the difference between what someone says and what someone does in a relationship.


All Too Well

When going through the grieving process of a breakup, we often want to replay the best memories. Here Taylor poetically walks us through the initial happy memories and then leads us softly to the bitter end. This strong song is certainly a tearjerker as she refers back to beautiful moments before the bond of the relationship is lost. This song lovingly reminds us that we must learn to let go after a breakup.


Out of the Woods

Taylor Swift brings her A-game with this one as it is an amazing collision of sadness, desperation, anger and hope, all elements of post-breakup healing. It is said that this song refers to specific moments with her ex, Harry Styles. While you may not be able to relate directly to her narrative, the tune and beat are so powerful that they strike your heart and pull you up off the couch, even if it is just dancing alone for four minutes.


Bad Blood

This is one of the Taylor Swift breakup songs with hard and powerful edge. Taylor represents something of strength and independence in this amazingly striking beat. She reminds us that during those sad moments, she just can’t stay quiet and forget things so easily. The scars from a breakup are rough and run deep. This song allows us to go there and feel the pain just long enough to be able to stand up to take pride in your ability to move on.


We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Now, naturally this makes the list, but it should not be underestimated due to its place in this list. This song somehow doesn’t get old even long after you have healed from your recent breakup. The reason, it gives us all a chance to feel strong and solid in our new life without the one who broke our heart. There are lots of people who just don't get it when a relationship really ends. Well, Taylor takes on a great beat to remind them to stay strong and not give in to the exes.


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