is an American television drama/thriller 

series created by writer and producer Eric Kripke. The main characters are Misha Collins as Castiel, Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester (From right to left). Sam and Dean are brothers who have been trained to fight the supernatural, everything that is the fuel of our nightmares and lives in the dark, like true hunters by their father.

The show


Main Characters

As said above there are three main characters:

  • Sam Winchester (played by Jared Padalecki); With his mother killed at the age of 6 months he'd never know her. All Sam wants is a normal, hunting free life, because he grew up on the road. But his father (John Winchester) just isn't ready to give up on the murderer of his wife, a yellow-eyed demon. When Sam gets accepted into Stanford University he and his father get into a fight. The fighting escalates and John makes Sam choose, him and Dean or school. When Sam opens the door to leave John tells him that if he closes the door, he shouldn't bother ever coming back. He leaves.

  • Dean Winchester (played by Jensen Ackles); When at the age of four his mother is murdered by a yellow-eyed demon and his house goes up in flames, all he has and lives for to protect is his little brother Sam and his father. He always has to mediate between his fighting father and younger brother. He follows every order of his father and is the perfect soldier, unlike the rebellious Sam. When his father goes on a hunting trip and doesn't return, he goes to look for Sam at Stanford.

  • Castiel (played by Misha Collins); Castiel is an angel of the Lord. He doesn't think for himself, but instead follows every command of his superiors, who in turn get them from Him, at least that is what he thinks. When Lilith starts breaking the 66 seals to free lucifer from Hell, he starts up a friendship with Dean and Sam, who are in their own way both trying to save the world from the apocalypse.


About the show

The first episode aired on the 13th of september in 2005. There are currently 10 seasons, but season 11 is planned for the 7th of October 2015. 

The show features supernatural creatures, like vampires, werewolves and wendigo's and the ones that hunt them, hunters. Sam and Dean try to find their father and hunt down 'evil sons of bitches' as Dean so kindly calls them.


Seasons and episodes

Season: Episodes

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Season 1

No. in seriesNo. in seasonTitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProduction codeU.S. viewers (million)
11PilotDavid NutterEric Kripke13-Sep-054752855.69
22WendigoDavid NutterStory by: Ron Milbauer & Terri Hughes Burton Teleplay by: Eric Kripke20-Sep-052T69015.01
33Dead in the WaterKim MannersSera Gamble & Raelle Tucker27-Sep-052T69035.01
44Phantom TravelerRobert SingerRichard Hatem4-Oct-052T69045.4
55Bloody MaryPeter EllisStory by: Eric Kripke Teleplay by: Ron Milbauer & Terri Hughes Burton11-Oct-052T69055.5
66SkinRobert Duncan McNeillJohn Shiban18-Oct-052T69065
77Hook ManDavid JacksonJohn Shiban25-Oct-052T69025.08
88BugsKim MannersRachel Nave & Bill Coakley8-Nov-052T69074.47
99HomeKen GirottiEric Kripke15-Nov-052T69084.21
1010AsylumGuy BeeRichard Hatem22-Nov-052T69095.38
1111ScarecrowKim MannersStory by: Patrick Sean Smith Teleplay by: John Shiban10-Jan-062T69114.23
1212FaithAllan KroekerSera Gamble & Raelle Tucker17-Jan-062T69103.86
1313Route 666Paul ShapiroBrad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming31-Jan-062T69125.82
1414NightmarePhil SgricciaSera Gamble & Raelle Tucker7-Feb-062T69134.27
1515The BendersPeter EllisJohn Shiban14-Feb-062T69143.96
1616ShadowKim MannersEric Kripke28-Feb-062T69154.22
1717Hell HouseChris LongTrey Callaway30-Mar-062T69163.76
1818Something WickedWhitney RansickDaniel Knauf6-Apr-062T69173.67
1919ProvenancePhil SgricciaDavid Ehrman13-Apr-062T69183.62
2020Dead Man's BloodTony WharmbyCathryn Humphris & John Shiban20-Apr-062T69193.99
2121SalvationRobert SingerSera Gamble & Raelle Tucker27-Apr-062T69203.26
2222Devil's TrapKim MannersEric Kripke4-May-062T69213.99

Season 2

No. in seriesNo. in seasonTitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProduction codeU.S. viewers (million)
231In My Time of DyingKim MannersEric Kripke28-Sep-063T55013.93
242Everybody Loves a ClownPhil SgricciaJohn Shiban5-Oct-063T55023.34
253BloodlustRobert SingerSera Gamble12-Oct-063T55033.78
264Children Shouldn't Play with Dead ThingsKim MannersRaelle Tucker19-Oct-063T55043.29
275Simon SaidTim IacofanoBen Edlund26-Oct-063T55053.65
286No ExitKim MannersMatt Witten2-Nov-063T55063.38
297The Usual SuspectsMike RohlCathryn Humphris9-Nov-063T55073.19
308Crossroad BluesSteve BoyumSera Gamble16-Nov-063T55083.16
319CroatoanRobert SingerJohn Shiban7-Dec-063T55093.12
3210HuntedRachel TalalayRaelle Tucker11-Jan-073T55103.24
3311PlaythingsCharles BeesonMatt Witten18-Jan-073T55113.44
3412NightshifterPhil SgricciaBen Edlund25-Jan-073T55123.42
3513Houses of the HolyKim MannersSera Gamble1-Feb-073T55133.37
3614Born Under a Bad SignJ. Miller TobinCathryn Humphris8-Feb-073T55142.84
3715Tall TalesBradford MayJohn Shiban15-Feb-073T55153.03
3816RoadkillCharles BeesonRaelle Tucker15-Mar-073T55163.52
3917HeartKim MannersSera Gamble22-Mar-073T55173.38
4018Hollywood BabylonPhil SgricciaBen Edlund19-Apr-073T55183.25
4119Folsom Prison BluesMike RohlJohn Shiban26-Apr-073T55193.33
4220What Is and What Should Never BeEric KripkeRaelle Tucker3-May-073T55203.11
4321All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 1)Robert SingerSera Gamble10-May-073T55212.9
4422All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 2)Kim MannersStory by: Eric Kripke & Michael T. Moore,Teleplay by: Eric Kripke17-May-073T55222.72

Season 3

No. in seriesNo. in seasonTitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProduction codeU.S. viewers (million)
451The Magnificent SevenKim MannersEric Kripke4-Oct-073T69012.97
462The Kids Are AlrightPhil SgricciaSera Gamble11-Oct-073T69023.16
473Bad Day at Black RockRobert SingerBen Edlund18-Oct-073T69033.03
484Sin CityCharles BeesonRobert Singer & Jeremy Carver25-Oct-073T69043.02
495Bedtime StoriesMike RohlCathryn Humphris1-Nov-073T69053.24
506Red Sky at MorningCliff BoleLaurence Andries8-Nov-073T69063.01
517Fresh BloodKim MannersSera Gamble15-Nov-073T69072.88
528A Very Supernatural ChristmasJ. Miller TobinJeremy Carver13-Dec-073T69083.02
539Malleus MaleficarumRobert SingerBen Edlund31-Jan-083T69092.95
5410Dream a Little Dream of MeSteve BoyumStory by: Sera Gamble & Cathryn Humphris Teleplay by: Cathryn Humphris7-Feb-083T69102.68
5511Mystery SpotKim MannersStory by: Jeremy Carver & Emily McLaughlin Teleplay by: Jeremy Carver14-Feb-083T69122.97
5612Jus in BelloPhil SgricciaSera Gamble21-Feb-083T69113.23
5713GhostfacersPhil SgricciaBen Edlund24-Apr-083T69132.22
5814Long Distance CallRobert SingerJeremy Carver1-May-083T69142.63
5915Time Is on My SideCharles BeesonSera Gamble8-May-083T69152.55
6016No Rest for the WickedKim MannersEric Kripke15-May-083T69163

Season 4

No. in seriesNo. in seasonTitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProduction codeU.S. viewers (million)
611Lazarus RisingKim MannersEric Kripke18-Sep-083T75013.96
622Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean WinchesterPhil SgricciaStory by: Sera Gamble & Lou Bollo Teleplay by: Sera Gamble25-Sep-083T75023.18
633In the BeginningSteve BoyumJeremy Carver2-Oct-083T75043.51
644MetamorphosisKim MannersCathryn Humphris9-Oct-083T75053.15
655Monster MovieRobert SingerBen Edlund16-Oct-083T75033.06
666Yellow FeverPhil SgricciaAndrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin23-Oct-083T75063.25
677It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam WinchesterCharles BeesonJulie Siege30-Oct-083T75073.55
688Wishful ThinkingRobert SingerStory by: Ben Edlund & Lou Bollo Teleplay by: Ben Edlund6-Nov-083T75083.24
699I Know What You Did Last SummerCharles BeesonSera Gamble13-Nov-083T75092.94
7010Heaven and HellJ. Miller TobinStory by: Trevor Sands Teleplay by: Eric Kripke20-Nov-083T75103.34
7111Family RemainsPhil SgricciaJeremy Carver15-Jan-093T75112.98
7212Criss Angel Is a DouchebagRobert SingerJulie Siege22-Jan-093T75123.06
7313After School SpecialAdam KaneAndrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin29-Jan-093T75133.56
7414Sex and ViolenceCharles BeesonCathryn Humphris5-Feb-093T75143.37
7515Death Takes a HolidaySteve BoyumJeremy Carver12-Mar-093T75152.84
7616On the Head of a PinMike RohlBen Edlund19-Mar-093T75163.37
7717It's a Terrible LifeJames L. ConwaySera Gamble26-Mar-093T75173.13
7818The Monster at the End of This BookMike RohlStory by: Julie Siege & Nancy Weiner Teleplay by: Julie Siege2-Apr-093T75183.27
7919Jump the SharkPhil SgricciaAndrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin23-Apr-093T75192.7
8020The RaptureCharles BeesonJeremy Carver30-Apr-093T75202.95
8121When the Levee BreaksRobert SingerSera Gamble7-May-093T75212.79
8222Lucifer RisingEric KripkeEric Kripke14-May-093T75222.89

Season 5

No. in seriesNo. in seasonTitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProduction codeU.S. viewers (million)
831Sympathy for the DevilRobert SingerEric Kripke10-Sep-093X52013.4
842Good God, Y'All!Phil SgricciaSera Gamble17-Sep-093X52022.8
853Free to Be You and MeJ. Miller TobinJeremy Carver24-Sep-093X52032.66
864The EndSteve BoyumBen Edlund1-Oct-093X52042.62
875Fallen IdolsJames L. ConwayJulie Siege8-Oct-093X52052.47
886I Believe the Children Are Our FutureCharles BeesonAndrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin15-Oct-093X52062.59
897The Curious Case of Dean WinchesterRobert SingerStory by: Sera Gamble & Jenny Klein Teleplay by: Sera Gamble29-Oct-093X52072.9
908Changing ChannelsCharles BeesonJeremy Carver5-Nov-093X52082.65
919The Real GhostbustersJames L. ConwayStory by: Nancy Weiner Teleplay by: Eric Kripke12-Nov-093X52092.69
9210Abandon All Hope...Phil SgricciaBen Edlund19-Nov-093X52102.51
9311Sam, InterruptedJames L. ConwayAndrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin21-Jan-103X52112.79
9412Swap MeatRobert SingerStory by: Julie Siege & Rebecca Dessertine & Harvey Fedor Teleplay by: Julie Siege28-Jan-103X52122.65
9513The Song Remains the SameSteve BoyumSera Gamble & Nancy Weiner4-Feb-103X52132.28
9614My Bloody ValentineMike RohlBen Edlund11-Feb-103X52152.51
9715Dead Men Don't Wear PlaidJohn ShowalterJeremy Carver25-Mar-103X52142.95
9816Dark Side of the MoonJeff WoolnoughAndrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin1-Apr-103X52162.4
991799 ProblemsCharles BeesonJulie Siege8-Apr-103X52172.78
10018Point of No ReturnPhil SgricciaJeremy Carver15-Apr-103X52182.45
10119Hammer of the GodsRick BotaStory by: David Reed Teleplay by: Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin22-Apr-103X52192.82
10220The Devil You KnowRobert SingerBen Edlund29-Apr-103X52202.38
10321Two Minutes to MidnightPhil SgricciaSera Gamble6-May-103X52212.53
10422Swan SongSteve BoyumStory by: Eric Gewitz Teleplay by: Eric Kripke13-May-103X52222.84

Season 6

No. in seriesNo. in seasonTitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProduction codeU.S. viewers (million)
1051Exile on Main St.Phil SgricciaSera Gamble24-Sep-103X60522.9
1062Two and a Half MenJohn ShowalterAdam Glass1-Oct-103X60532.33
1073The Third ManRobert SingerBen Edlund8-Oct-103X60542.16
1084Weekend at Bobby'sJensen AcklesAndrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin15-Oct-103X60512.84
1095Live Free or TwihardRod HardyBrett Matthews22-Oct-103X60562.47
1106You Can't Handle the TruthJan EliasbergStory by: David Reed & Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder Teleplay by: Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder29-Oct-103X60552.52
1117Family MattersGuy BeeAndrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin5-Nov-103X60572.46
1128All Dogs Go to HeavenPhil SgricciaAdam Glass12-Nov-103X60582.09
1139Clap Your Hands If You Believe...John ShowalterBen Edlund19-Nov-103X60591.94
11410Caged HeatRobert SingerBrett Matthews & Jenny Klein3-Dec-103X60602.15
11511Appointment in SamarraMike RohlSera Gamble & Robert Singer10-Dec-103X60612.27
11612Like a VirginPhil SgricciaAdam Glass4-Feb-113X60622.25
11713UnforgivenDavid BarrettAndrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin11-Feb-113X60631.97
11814Mannequin 3: The ReckoningJeannot SzwarcEric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder18-Feb-113X60642.25
11915The French MistakeCharles BeesonBen Edlund25-Feb-113X60652.18
12016...And Then There Were NoneMike RohlBrett Matthews4-Mar-113X60662.14
12117My Heart Will Go OnPhil SgricciaEric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder15-Apr-113X60682.26
12218FrontierlandGuy BeeStory by: Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin & Jackson Stewart Teleplay by: Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin22-Apr-113X60671.9
12319Mommy DearestJohn ShowalterAdam Glass29-Apr-113X60692.01
12420The Man Who Would Be KingBen EdlundBen Edlund6-May-113X60702.11
12521Let It BleedJohn ShowalterSera Gamble20-May-113X60712.02
12622The Man Who Knew Too MuchRobert SingerEric Kripke20-May-113X60722.11

Season 7

No. in seriesNo. in seasonTitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProduction codeU.S. viewers (million)
1271Meet the New BossPhil SgricciaSera Gamble23-Sep-113X70522.01
1282Hello, Cruel WorldGuy BeeBen Edlund30-Sep-113X70531.8
1293The Girl Next DoorJensen AcklesAndrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin7-Oct-113X70511.72
1304Defending Your LifeRobert SingerAdam Glass14-Oct-113X70541.69
1315Shut Up, Dr. PhilPhil SgricciaBrad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming21-Oct-113X70551.92
1326Slash FictionJohn ShowalterRobbie Thompson28-Oct-113X70561.74
1337The MentalistsMike RohlBen Acker & Ben Blacker4-Nov-113X70571.84
1348Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!Tim AndrewAndrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin11-Nov-113X70581.85
1359How to Win Friends and Influence MonstersGuy BeeBen Edlund18-Nov-113X70591.55
13610Death's DoorRobert SingerSera Gamble2-Dec-113X70601.89
13711Adventures in BabysittingJeannot SzwarcAdam Glass6-Jan-123X70611.82
13812Time After TimePhil SgricciaRobbie Thompson13-Jan-123X70621.55
13913The Slice GirlsJerry WanekBrad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming3-Feb-123X70631.72
14014Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical MenagerieMike RohlAndrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin10-Feb-123X70641.88
14115Repo ManThomas J. WrightBen Edlund17-Feb-123X70651.74
14216Out with the OldJohn ShowalterRobert Singer & Jenny Klein16-Mar-123X70661.73
14317The Born-Again IdentityRobert SingerSera Gamble23-Mar-123X70671.63
14418Party on, GarthPhil SgricciaAdam Glass30-Mar-123X70681.78
14519Of Grave ImportanceTim AndrewBrad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming20-Apr-123X70691.57
14620The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons TattooJohn MacCarthyRobbie Thompson27-Apr-123X70701.61
14721Reading is FundamentalBen EdlundBen Edlund4-May-123X70711.66
14822There Will Be BloodGuy BeeAndrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin11-May-123X70721.58
14923Survival of the FittestRobert SingerSera Gamble18-May-123X70731.56

Season 8

No. in seriesNo. in seasonTitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProduction codeU.S. viewers (million)
1501We Need to Talk About KevinRobert SingerJeremy Carver3-Oct-123X78021.85
1512What's Up, Tiger Mommy?John ShowalterAndrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin10-Oct-123X78032.51
1523HeartacheJensen AcklesBrad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming17-Oct-123X78012.13
1534BittenThomas J. WrightRobbie Thompson24-Oct-123X78041.86
1545Blood BrotherGuy BeeBen Edlund31-Oct-123X78051.78
1556Southern ComfortTim AndrewAdam Glass7-Nov-123X78062.32
1567A Little Slice of KevinCharlie CarnerBrad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming14-Nov-123X78072.32
1578Hunteri HeroiciPaul EdwardsAndrew Dabb28-Nov-123X78082
1589Citizen FangNick CopusDaniel Loflin5-Dec-123X78092.06
15910Torn and FrayedRobert SingerJenny Klein16-Jan-133X78101.99
16011LARP and the Real GirlJeannot SzwarcRobbie Thompson23-Jan-133X78112.01
16112As Time Goes BySerge LadouceurAdam Glass30-Jan-133X78122.12
16213Everybody Hates HitlerPhil SgricciaBen Edlund6-Feb-133X78142.29
16314Trial and ErrorKevin ParksAndrew Dabb13-Feb-133X78132.41
16415Man's Best Friend with BenefitsJohn ShowalterBrad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming20-Feb-133X78152.1
16516Remember the TitansSteve BoyumDaniel Loflin27-Feb-133X78162.13
16617Goodbye StrangerThomas J. WrightRobbie Thompson20-Mar-133X78172.16
16718Freaks and GeeksJohn ShowalterAdam Glass27-Mar-133X78182.23
16819Taxi DriverGuy BeeBrad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming3-Apr-133X78191.9
16920Pac-Man FeverRobert SingerRobbie Thompson24-Apr-133X78202.38
17021The Great EscapistRobert Duncan McNeillBen Edlund1-May-133X78212.07
17122Clip ShowThomas J. WrightAndrew Dabb8-May-133X78222.07
17223SacrificePhil SgricciaJeremy Carver15-May-133X78232.31

Season 9

No. in seriesNo. in seasonTitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProduction codeU.S. viewers (million)
1731I Think I'm Gonna Like It HereJohn ShowalterJeremy Carver8-Oct-134X50522.59
1742Devil May CareGuy BeeAndrew Dabb15-Oct-134X50512.33
1753I'm No AngelKevin HooksBrad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming22-Oct-134X50532.34
1764Slumber PartyRobert SingerRobbie Thompson29-Oct-134X50542.19
1775Dog Dean AfternoonTim AndrewEric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder5-Nov-134X50562.15
1786Heaven Can't WaitRob SperaRobert Berens12-Nov-134X50572.36
1797Bad BoysKevin ParksAdam Glass19-Nov-134X50552.01
1808Rock and a Hard PlaceJohn MacCarthyJenny Klein26-Nov-134X50582.39
1819Holy TerrorThomas J. WrightBrad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming3-Dec-134X50592.42
18210Road TripRobert SingerAndrew Dabb14-Jan-144X50602.21
18311First BornJohn BadhamRobbie Thompson21-Jan-144X50612.65
18412Sharp TeethJohn ShowalterAdam Glass28-Jan-144X50622.76
18513The PurgePhil SgricciaEric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder4-Feb-144X50632.46
18614CaptivesJerry WanekRobert Berens25-Feb-144X50642.12
18715#THINMANJeannot SzwarcJenny Klein4-Mar-144X50661.93
18816Blade RunnersSerge LadouceurBrad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming18-Mar-144X50651.86
18917Mother's Little HelperMisha CollinsAdam Glass25-Mar-144X50672.25
19018Meta FictionThomas J. WrightRobbie Thompson15-Apr-144X50681.6
19119Alex Annie Alexis AnnStefan PleszczynskiRobert Berens22-Apr-144X50692.1
19220BloodlinesRobert SingerAndrew Dabb29-Apr-144X50702.03
19321King of the DamnedP. J. PesceBrad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming6-May-144X50711.59
19422Stairway to HeavenGuy BeeAndrew Dabb13-May-144X50721.74
19523Do You Believe in Miracles?Thomas J. WrightJeremy Carver20-May-144X50732.3

Season 10

No. in seriesNo. in seasonTitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProduction codeU.S. viewers (million)
1961BlackRobert SingerJeremy Carver7-Oct-144X58022.5
1972ReichenbachThomas J. WrightAndrew Dabb14-Oct-144X58032.13
1983Soul SurvivorJensen AcklesBrad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming21-Oct-144X58012.08
1994Paper MoonJeannot SzwarcAdam Glass28-Oct-144X58041.93
2005Fan FictionPhil SgricciaRobbie Thompson11-Nov-144X58052.17
2016Ask JeevesJohn MacCarthyEric Carmelo & Nicole Snyder18-Nov-144X58062.54
2027Girls, Girls, GirlsRobert SingerRobert Berens25-Nov-144X58072.3
2038Hibbing 911Tim AndrewStory by: Jenny Klein & Phil Sgriccia Teleplay by: Jenny Klein2-Dec-144X58082.33
2049The Things We Left BehindGuy BeeAndrew Dabb9-Dec-144X58092.62
20510The Hunter GamesJohn BadhamEugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner20-Jan-154X58112.42
20611There's No Place Like HomePhil SgricciaRobbie Thompson27-Jan-154X58102.06
20712About a BoySerge LadouceurAdam Glass3-Feb-154X58122.21
20813Halt & Catch FireJohn ShowalterEric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder10-Feb-154X58131.98
20914The Executioner's SongPhil SgricciaRobert Berens17-Feb-154X58142.09
21015The Things They CarriedJohn BadhamJenny Klein18-Mar-154X58151.73
21116Paint it BlackJohn ShowalterBrad Bucker & Eugenie Ross-Leming25-Mar-154X58161.7
21217Inside ManRashaad Ernesto GreenAndrew Dabb1-Apr-154X58171.7
21318Book of the DamnedP. J. PesceRobbie Thompson15-Apr-154X58181.76
21419The Werther ProjectStefan PleszczynskiRobert Berens22-Apr-154X58191.63
21520Angel HeartSteve BoyumRobbie Thompson29-Apr-154X58201.74
21621Dark DynastyRobert SingerEugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner6-May-154X58231.45
21722The PrisonerThomas J. WrightAndrew Dabb13-May-154X58211.75
21823Brother's KeeperPhil SgricciaJeremy Carver20-May-154X58221.73

Current Season 11

No. in seriesNo. in seasonTitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProduction codeU.S. viewers (million)
2191Out of the Darkness, Into the FireRobert SingerJeremy Carver7-Oct-15TBATBD
2202Form and VoidPhil SgricciaAndrew Dabb14-Oct-15TBATBD
2213The Bad SeedJensen AcklesBrad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming21-Oct-15TBATBD


No. in seriesNo. in seasonTitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProduction codeU.S. viewers (million)
1A Very Special Supernatural SpecialRob BenedictDo You Believe in Miracles?Black6-Oct-141.07
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