One of the greatest horror writers of all time, Stephen King is constantly criticized by his critics. They went as far as to call him “a writer of fairly engaging and preposterous claptrap.” During his career, King has written 50 novels, 9 collections of short fiction, and nearly 200 short stories. As a writer he is extremely versatile, which makes him extremely productive. It is very difficult to choose just one of his fantastic stories to read, this list of Stephen King best selling books will give you a great place to start.

8 Stephen King Best Selling Books


The Stand

An extremely deadly flu, which is constantly mutating to fit its new circumstances, known as Captain Tripps nearly wipes out the population of the entire world thanks to a man escaping a biological weapon facility after a severe accident. Survivors are given the choice to follow an elderly black woman to Boulder or Randall Flagg (the dark man) to Las Vegas to prepare for the ultimate battle between good and evil.

The elegant work produced by King in this novel has provided villains, heroes, and moments that are some of the most memorable for all of the 20th centuries fiction. It is hard to become depressed by this book, or put it down once you start reading, even though Stephen King himself said that he is depressed by the fact that his best work comes from a piece that he wrote 20 years ago.

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Different Seasons

This set of four mind clenching novels is King’s way of showing that he is more than horror. He uses these four novels that he can move beyond horror and still provide his unique touch of entrancing narrative, graphically descriptive scenes and characters, as well as the “can’t wait for the next” cliffhanging plot with a twist.

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It is hard to put down something that is so powerfully full of the confusion between reality and dreams. The events that King created in Insomnia are quite entrancing which makes the book one of Stephen King best selling books. Ralph Roberts, the lead protagonist has had a difficult time sleeping since his wife died. Due to the lack of sleep, he began taking walks in the middle of the night in hopes that it would help him sleep. During these walks, his visions become exceptionally realist. Colored ribbons flowing from people’s heads and little men wandering the streets begin to become reality. Or, do they?

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After novelist Paul Sheldon is in a severe car accident, his biggest fan, Annie Wilkes, rescues him. As a former nurse, she takes him to her home for treatment. During his care, Annie becomes insane when she learns that he has killed off his lead heroine, Misery Chastain, as a way to transition from writing historical romances to literary fiction. Annie decides to keep Sheldon prison and force him to write a book to bring Misery back to life. Her brutal force is beyond normal and leads to Sheldon suffering instead of healing. This is just one more of Stephen King best selling books that is utterly impossible to put down.

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The Shining

Probably one of the most well known and most quoted books is Stephen King’s The Shining. Jack Torrance, a writer who is also a recovering alcoholic has taken his family to a deserted Colorado hotel to live as caretakers. The novel includes many of King’s personal demons and demons that we all share. It shines a light on the vulnerabilities of children and the childlike vulnerabilities that we have as adults.

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Stephen King definitely crammed all that is horror into this novel. Flashing back and forth between 1985 and 1958, 7 children in a small town of Maine have discovered the source of horrific deaths throughout their town. They defeated this evil once during their childhood only to have it resurface 27 years later. Now this group of 7 is to face one of the scariest and deadliest clowns in all of literature. The novel is based upon discovering the truth within a lie.

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What happens to that shy girl who is always picked on? In one of the best Stephen King books ever written as well as one of Stephen King best selling books, he reveals Carrie White, a shy girl who is constantly picked on by her peers. She soon discovers that she has telekinetic powers and quickly learns to use them to get revenge on all the children who picked on her. When she uncovers her strongest power, she unleashes the most terrifying, deadly disaster in American history. This book is so extravagant that it is on the banned books list for most schools that reside in the U.S. King truly outdid himself, once again, with this novel.

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Salem’s Lot

Ben Mears, a writer, has returned to his hometown Jerusalem’s Lot. Now known as Salem’s Lot, he is condemned to discover that the residents have all begun to turn into vampires.

Stephen King is most likely the only person who can take a vampire novel and turn up the terror. Vampire stories have been around for centuries, yet Stephen King has such extraordinary talent that he is able to make it impossible stop reading. He not only tells about the many daunting monsters of the night, but he also brings forth some of the most terrible monsters and darkness that is within us. These monsters are the monsters that reside in the deepest darkness of our souls.

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