There are starts who look hotter at now. Take a look at the list to see if the one in your mind is on the list.

Part 1


Jennifer Aniston

It's not easy to find a photo of Jennifer Aniston where she looks anything less than perfect. And, let's face it, she was pretty perfect looking in her twenties. But Jen wouldn't discover the ideal look for her until years later...

One of 45-year-old Jen's biggest beauty secrets is that she finds something that works for her and keeps it. Golden hair and bronzed skin are her trademarks, but the actress is as well known for her healthy lifestyle as she is her good looks, which makes her even more beautiful.


Candace Cameron Bure

OMG -- DJ Tanner was sooo cute on Full House, wasn't she? The chipmunk cheeks, bangs, and spiral curls were perfect -- on a tween. But Candace Cameron Bure was a super-sweet kid who aged really, really well...

Candace is 37 now and looks fit, healthy, and secure. It also doesn't hurt that she found a hairstyle and modern makeup that compliment her natural beauty.


Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker started off as a pretty, spunky young actress in Girls Just Want to Have Fun -- albeit one with ridiculously unkempt eyebrows and hair. Who would have thought she'd grow up to become one of the most stylish women in Hollywood?

Sarah Jessica is a style legend whose fresh-faced approach to beauty is an inspiration to women of all ages. She has always -- and continues to -- seem like the gorgeous woman you'd love to have as your BFF.



Teen Beyonce was fun, hip -- and a little boring when it came to her hair and style. You can't really blame her for not glamming it up at such a young age, which makes it really fun to see Beyonce now...

Sha-zam! At 32, Queen Bey is the fiercest style maven in the pop universe. She never looks less than flawless and has proven she doesn't need a stitch of makeup to look so darn good.


Angelina Jolie

No, I'm not trying to say Angelina Jolie wasn't insanely hot in her 20s -- that would be a pure lie. But she went through a few stages, like this punk platinum blonde one and her goth years -- which sometimes made her look like a rebellious, confused child..

Fast forward to a 38-year-old Angie. We now see a self-possessed and graceful woman whose humanitarian work gives her a glow that you simply can't create with cosmetics.


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has, ahem, perhaps had a bit of surgical help in making the leap from young, cute girl with more "typical" (whatever that means) features to the uber glamazon we see today. She hasn't changed so much that she looks unrecognizable, but Mrs. Kanye West sure looks different now...

At 33, Kim's features are more defined, her face more angular, and her hair is shiny and exquisite. No doubt she picked up a few makeup tricks over the years, but she also seems to have "grown into" her good looks.


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