The creepy spider movies aren’t only watchable for your kids, you can watch those movies and enjoy as well. And in these movies, the normal spiders are made into some horrifying creatures. Listed below are some of the best creepy spider movies ever which will chill your nerve down with fear and anxiety, and the spiders which you see at your home may not be innocent any more.

Top 10 Creepy Spider Movies of All Time


Arachnophobia (1990)

This movie stole the heart of millions of film lovers when it got released in 1990. The protagonist of the movie is the cinematic spider. Spiders may not be the favourite of many, but still this eight legged creature will appeal the mass to watch this move and people can have the perfect combo of fear and humour together. In the movie, Jeff Daniel is a big city doctor who moves into the country to take over charge of a retiring doctor. The character of Daniel is portrayed as he fears the spiders, however, when the killer spider enters into the city, the story takes a great turn. Find out what that turn is by yourself!


Arachnid (2001)

In this movie, a man was sent to a clinic due to mysterious bites. A search group of men and women go to the island where that man lived to investigate and find the cause of those bites. However, they stay longer than expected on the island because of the problems occurred to their aircraft. Later they find the village of the man stayed before, but no one is there. Entire area of the village is filled with a new breed of killer spider. What will be the end? Watch and find out by yourself.


The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

The creepy, giant and hellacious spider looks too scary and moves too fast with those foot-length fangs in this movie, and it gets plenty of hair, eyes and stingers, too. For some unknown and known reasons, Peter Jackson, one of the main characters, gets scared of this spider. There is such a species in real life, and it's more dangerous and scary than it appears in this movie!


The Thing (1982)

“The thing” creates scar factors to run in everyone’s mind. The alien thing in this movie is going about everywhere and will take into clutch whatever it sees. The walking spider that is depicted in the picture takes you to real world to some level. And at times it turns to have shapeless feature and at times it gets the human head too. The creepiest part in this film is when the thing takes the form of bogey man, it takes the audience to a higher level of fear.


Kingdom of The Spiders (1977)

“The Kingdom of spiders” tops the list of scary spider movies till date. The film is about an investigation that is conducted for the mysterious deaths of many farm animals. The protagonist Rack discovers the secret to this, but before he could take any actions, the streets are filled with the creepy killing spiders that trap the town folks and create fear in the mind of all the villagers. Many deaths happen due to the stinging of the spiders, and the huge spider nest found in the field will unfold many mysteries.


Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983)

The movie begins with Ray Bradbury, the protagonist, and the other two young boys going to see the carnival. Later when the boys wake up from sleep, they saw thousands and thousands of hairy, black and fat tarantulas. These creepy spiders cover the bed fully, creep on the walls and move over to the streets. They are the real tarantulas, what makes the movie more thrilling from start to end.


Nothing to Lose (1997)

This film of creepy spider is from the hit list of 1997. In this film, the man Robbins discovers that his spouse is having an affair, which creates a lot of events to happen. The most fun part is when Tim and Martin meet to talk and sort out their differences. But instead of talking the issues seriously, they did it in a very funny way. Main comedy starts when the spider comes in between them and makes many interesting scenes.


James and the Giant Peach (1996)

This spider movie is worth a watch of every kid. James is the kid who lives beside to the giant peach. They befriend with lot of creatures including Miss Spider. The lovely colours and the French beret will attract your kids instantly. Even though she has an innocent look and friendly nature, Miss Spider creates fear in some kids. Her characteristics are shudder, and when she crawls all over, she looks giant and huge.


Son of Godzilla (1967)

As the name indicates, the movie features the intro of the Godzilla kid, Minilla. Kumonga and Spiga are large spiders which are the main villains in this thrilling movie. All the spiders in this movie make a mark of themselves with their creepy movements and huge size, which creates a lot of horrifying scenes for audience.


The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

If anything can terrify any man, then it is the fear that is created by the spider in this movie. The man, the chief character, shrinks as he sees the monstrous spider at basement. The spider moves back to the basement after the attack to save its life from any threat. And the spider in this movie is so terrifying that you may pee your pants, so you really need to watch out for that!


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