Do you love magnolia blossoms, Gone with the Wind, and sweet tea? Sounds like you’re a true southern belle at heart. If you’re also a pregnant southern belle expecting a baby girl, you may be searching for southern girl names to find the perfect one for your little princess. Here’s a list of 20 classic southern names that you may want to consider. We’ve even included the meanings behind these southern baby girl names to help you truly understand the significance of each one.

20 Classic Southern Girl Names for Your Newborns

Annalee – Annalee is the combination of two names Anna and Lee. Anna is of Hebrew origin and means grace or favor. The meaning of Lee is meadow, but of course, it could always be in remembrance of that famous southern general as well. Women with this name tend to be thoughtful and analytical.

Belle – Belle means beautiful or lovely. In Disney’s movie Beauty and the Beast, Belle was the beauty who taught the beast how to love and she learned to see beyond skin deep and find the heart of a person. People named Belle tend to be passionate, compassionate, and have magnetic personalities.

Carolina – This name means song of happiness. It can also be a salute to the states of North and South Carolina. Carolinas tend to be natural leaders and organizers and have strong personalities.

Charlotte – Charlotte is a feminine version of Charles, which means manly. People named Charlotte are believed to enjoy life and are drawn to the arts.

Coralee – An English name that means maiden. Women named Coaralee love adventure and excitement. They make friends easily and are usually optimistic.

Daisy – Daisy means the day’s eve, or twilight. People named Daisy are often powerful individuals who believe strongly in truth and justice.

Dixie – The name Dixie has several different meanings. It is a feminine derivative of Richard and also means the number 10. In the U.S., it refers to the states below the Mason-Dixon line. With a name like Dixie, expect your daughter to love to travel and enjoy adventures.

Georgia – The name of the southern state - Georgia! Is there a southern girl name that is better than Georgia?  Georgia means farmer in several languages, including French, Greek, English, and German. Girls named Georgia often grow up to be creative and expressive and like to surround themselves with beautiful things.

Harper – Harper means harpist or minstrel. It is thought that people with this name will be creative and drawn to the arts.

Loretta – In Spanish the name Loretta means family, but in America its meaning is pure. In some languages, such as Latin, it refers to the laurel tree which represents honor and victory.

Lucinda – In English, the meaning of Lucinda is light. In Italian, it means graceful light or illumination. People with this name are often leaders, not followers.

Magnolia – Magnolia means flower. It is thought that people named Magnolia are tenderhearted romantics and have a desire to serve humanity.

Melanie – The most common meaning for Melanie is dark, though it is believed that people with this name are energetic, optimistic, and intelligent.

Rose – It’s no surprise that Rose means flower. People named Rose are said to be creative and like to be in the limelight.

Savannah – Savannah means from the open plains but, of course, can also be a salute to that beautiful city. Women with this name are competent and powerful. They often have successful careers in business.

Scarlett – Scarlett, the heroine of Gone With The Wind and my personal favourite if I'm going to pick a southern girl name, means red, or to wear or sell red cloth. This name will be forever connected with the strong, independent southern beauty Scarlett O’Hara. Scarlett’s deepest desires include a loving, stable family life.

Susannah – Graceful lily is the meaning of the name Susannah, probably named after the white lilies that grew in the Biblical Persian city of Susa. Women named Susannah often grow up to be teachers or philosophers and are often a bit of an introvert.

Tallulah – Tallulah is an American Indian name that means running water. People named Tallulah often travel at their own pace and harbor a desire to for balance and harmony in their lives.

Violet – Violet is another name that means flower, as are versions of such as Violetta or Viollette. Violets are often spiritualistic and intuitive. They crave love and companionship.

Virginia – The meaning of Virginia is virgin or chaste. It’s also the perfect way to pay homage to the beautiful state by the same name. A girl named Virginia will often grow up to be powerful and competent.

More Southern Baby Girl Names

None of those southern girl names sound right for your little girl? Then check out some more southern baby girl names that might be just right for you daughter.

  • Bobbie Jo

  • Bonnie

  • Callie

  • Delilah

  • Luann

  • Maggie

  • Marcella

  • Margaret

  • MaryGrace

  • Miranda

  • Olivia

  • Priscilla

  • Ruby

  • Tara

  • Willow


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