No matter how young and agile you currently are, your vitality and youth will eventually fade. You are getting older with each passing day, and there is no way around it really. Does that mean you should stop living and enjoying your life? No, you should not. In fact, you should enjoy each day even more, and listening to some great songs about getting older will certainly help you come to terms with your own sense of mortality while understanding what is truly valuable in your life.

Best Songs about Growing Old


Grow Old with Me – Tom Odell

This is not an old song; in fact, it is only a few years old but is still capable of touching your romantic side. It is all about the hope of a young lover who wants to spend every day of his life with the person he loves. You will love the way the song talks about graying hair and aging hands. It will also make you share everything that life has to offer with someone you love.


Help the Aged – Pulp

It is a perfect song to make you understand that even the elderly folks were once like you and you will eventually be like them. The song is more of a cautionary tale for the carefree young, and even though it may seem a bit over-the-top, it still has a message in it, making it one of the best songs about getting older.


100 Years – Five for Fighting

This 2003 masterpiece is all about a man describing 85 years of his life. It gives a great sketch of his life from ages 15 to 100, and at the same time explains about his relationship with the woman he loves. He shares his feeling from the beginning – at 15 years of age – when he thinks he has all the time in the world to make things happen, but then he realizes that time flies quickly and even 100 years are not enough. We all think that way, do not we?


The September of My Years – Frank Sinatra

You would agree to the fact that no singer has aged with more dignity than people's favorite Frank Sinatra. It is quite amazing to see how he transformed himself to Lion in Winter during the 70s. The contribution from Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen has actually made this one of the very best songs about getting older.


1985 – Bowling for Soup

This song will instantly become your favorite. Released in 2004, this catchy rock song is for the middle-agers who still love the 1980 pop culture of their youth. The song is about a woman Debbie who wants to be a Hollywood actress but ends up living an average life in suburbia. She marries a CPA and raises two bratty teenagers who constantly tell her how old-fashioned she looks. Many of you would relate to this song and find it quite emotional too.


16 Shades of Blue – Tori Amos

If you are looking for a song that is more of a meditation on aging, try '16 Shades of Blue'. It is a perfect song for people who are getting older but still want to live their life to the fullest. The song talks about growing old from different points of view and highlights how women always feel the pressures in the aging process. Listen to it now!


Glory Days – Bruce Springsteen

It is natural to be carefree when you are in high school, never thinking about how glorious these days are and you will always miss them in your life. Released in 1985, 'Glory Days' is a rock classic and is about a baseball player and his relationship with a woman. The song is one of the best for old folks and you can also share it with the young whippersnappers to tell them that they should live their life right so they could have stories to talk about when they get old.


Forever Young – Rod Stewart

This classic 1988 rock song is another nice addition to the list of best songs about getting older. It gives the message that you need to be young at heart, as you are only as old as you feel. The song shares some good wishes that the narrator offers to a parting friend.


7 Years – Lukas Graham

It is yet another interesting and touching pop song that shares the thoughts of a person about what life taught him during his 60 years of living so far. The song describes that even if you find fame in the world, your relationships matter the most because they will help keep you from feeling alone in your old age.


Don't Blink – Kenny Chesney

Life is short, and no one can argue about that fact. Kenny Chesney knows that too and warns every listener about it through his 2007 hit, "Don't Blink". The song tells you to pay attention to things in your life and do not waste your time or you will regret it later. The song is about a 102-year old man who shares the secret of life to a new reporter.


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